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This page provides an archive of newsletters and stories of interest to European Environmental Communication Networks. If you would like to subscribe free of charge to the EECN news service, please contact the EECN secretariat.
Newsflash no. 94, October 2012: Nature Concerthall - the winner of the Green Spider Network 2012 Best Practice Competition

The 2012 'Communication Initiative of the Year Award' goes to an innovative and creative Latvian campaign that regularly organises open air concerts in a natural environment. The concept brings together the Arts, Science, and Education. It is a free interactive event on a biological topic, conducted in a natural habitat so that people will understand the topic more contextually. It targets a very broad audience and aims at raising public awareness on nature protection by demonstrating the benefits of changing attitudes towards the environment.

Newsflash no. 93, July 2012: Green Week 2012: 'Every Drop Counts - The Water Challenge'

Hosted in Brussels from May 22nd to May 25th, Green Week 2012 focused on water problems in the EU and around the world. Entitled 'Every Drop Counts - The Water Challenge', the conference featured some 40 sessions on water and welcomed participants from government authorities, public bodies, NGOs and the private sector. The EECN Secretariat exhibited with Green Spider Network (GSN) members from Austria, Finland and Germany, who presented water campaigns at the GSN stand. Read Newsflash no. 93 to find out more about these campaigns and GSN members' thoughts on Green Week.

Newsflash no. 92, June 2012: New 'Generation Awake' Initiative Helps Consumers Wise Up to Water Use

Water is one of the most vital natural resources to human, animal and plant life. With recent figures pointing to increasing water scarcity and overexploited fish stocks in Europe, the European Commission has recently launched a new water initiative under its awareness-raising campaign, ‘Generation Awake’. Notable features of the campaign include the introduction of a new video starring animated character, Water Maniac Walter, and updated pages on the ‘Generation Awake’ website. Newsflash no. 92 describes the goals behind the campaign, and the different communication tools being used to ‘awaken’ consumers to the impact of direct and indirect water use.

Newsflash no. 91, February 2012: The LIFE Programme Turns 20

Since 1992, the LIFE programme has funded over 3,500 environmental projects across Europe. This year, LIFE celebrates its 20th anniversary by launching a photo and writing competition for current and past LIFE projects. The programme’s current phase, LIFE+, continues LIFE’s mission of supporting information and communication campaigns that promote EU environmental policies. Our Newsflash explores how LIFE+ is building public awareness and best practice around water issues with two projects: InfoNitrates and RESTORE. Learn more about these campaigns, as well as what LIFE has planned for 2013 and beyond.

Newsflash no. 90, December 2011: The Finnish National Teleworking Day - the winner of the Green Spider Network 2011 Best Practice Competition

This year’s ‘Communication Initiative of the Year Award’ goes to an innovative Finnish campaign, the National Teleworking Day. The award was launched in 2006 by the Green Spider Network (GSN) as an annual best practice competition on environmental communication. Set up by the Finnish Environment Institute, this campaign shows that telework is a positive solution to commuting issues since it is less stressful, more productive and more environmentally friendly than going to the office. The campaign used a successful combination of online and offline media to reach as many Finns as possible, achieving a high participation rate. Find out more about the messages and tools of this campaign.

Newsflash no. 89, November 2011: The European Commission Awakens Citizens to Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency is a recent, broad topic suggesting ways to improve the environmental impact of various stakeholders, by using existing resources as sustainably as possible. Resource efficiency therefore has great potential to help Europe reach its environmental targets for 2020. The European Commission has launched a campaign on this topic, called “Generation Awake”, described in this newsflash along with its objectives and key elements.

Newsflash no. 88, August 2011: New tools for environmental campaigns

Social media marketing now represents a fundamental segment of the overall communication strategy of several environmental organisations. This new form of media gives organisations the opportunity to reach increasingly more people by advertising and disseminating their campaigns to hundreds of millions of users around the world. This newsflash presents many of the aspects that make environmental communication particularly effective with the use of social media, along with the related risks and concrete examples of online campaigns.

Newsflash no. 87, June 2011: The 2011 winner of the European Green Capital Award- Hamburg

Each year since 2006, the European Commission rewards the city that has displayed the most outstanding dedication towards the improvement of their local environment. The 2011 winner is the city of Hamburg, the largest metropolis in Germany, after Berlin. Over the years, Hamburg has become an inspiration for many other towns in the field of environmental management. The city has developed an efficient communication strategy to raise awareness and interest on its various environmental initiatives.

Newsflash no. 86, April 2011: The LIFE Programme - promoting a greener EU

The LIFE programme, established in 1992, is the EU tool that supports environmental and nature conservation projects. Since it was created, LIFE has evolved through different stages and has provided grants to projects which address the most pertinent environmental issues. Since January 2007, LIFE+, the current version of the LIFE programme, selects and finances projects that fall within three categories: Nature and Biodiversity, Environment Policy and Governance, and Information and Communication. Over the past three years, LIFE+ has sponsored over 20 Information and Communication projects in the EU. Explore this issue and learn more about the LIFE programme, the environmental projects it sponsors, and how to apply for your project to be co-financed.

Newsflash no. 85, February 2011: Forest Communication and the International Year of Forests 2011

Get involved in activities that celebrate the International Year of Forests 2011 and learn about the Forest Communicators’ Network (FCN), a network which continuously strives to promote the protection and sustainable development of forests by improving  communication strategies for those within and outside the forest industry. New York has already kicked off the Forest Year with an inauguration ceremony earlier this month and several countries have scheduled events to celebrate the year.  Find out more about the International Year of Forests and its upcoming events and learn how the FCN connects the world to forests.

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