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News archive 2008

Newsflash no. 66, December 2008: Green Events Guides
This newsflash can help you organising green events! It reviews some existing guides published by different European Ministries that encourage event organisers to think about the environmental, economic, and social impacts involved, from the beginning to the end of the event organisation.

Newsflash no. 65, November 2008: Communication Initiative of the Year
In Denmark, the "One Tonne Less campaign", aiming at reducing CO2 emissions, is very successful among the population. Launched by the Danish Energy Agency in 2007, this awareness-raising campaign won the "Communication Initiative of the Year" Award 2008 at the Annual Meeting of the Green Spiders.

Newsflash no. 64, August 2008: Warming up for climate change conference in 2009
The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for press coverage, outreach and communication relating to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009. This will include a wide range of workshops, activities for journalists and other initiatives worldwide. And the information anchor of these efforts will be an ambitious website in seven languages.

Newsflash no. 63, August 2008: Wealth of environmental education material online
If you are seeking inspiration in terms of material for environmental education, the internet offers a wealth of possibilities. This newsflash presents but a few examples within different fields such as climate change, biodiversity and waste.

Newsflash no. 62, July 2008: New strategic plan for the Aarhus Convention
At the recent meeting in Riga to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Aarhus Convention, a new strategic plan was adopted which will establish the future course of the Convention. Focus is on achieving increased involvement of citizens and civil society organisations and on streamlining effective communication about the Convention.

Newsflash no. 61, July 2008: Competing for the European Green Capital Award
In May 2008, the European Commission launched the European Green Capital Award to promote and reward the efforts made by local European authorities to improve the environment. In their applications, cities must present a programme for disseminating best practice and show how they intend to act as role models for other European cities.

Newsflash no. 60, June  2008: Successful campaigns presented during Green Week
Green Week took place in Brussels on 3-6 June, and the Green Spider Network had a stand at the exhibition. Here, network members presented a rolling exhibition of environmental campaigns in Europe, including the latest developments in climate change campaigns.

Newsflash no. 59, May  2008: Using advertising to communicate sustainability
The UNEP Creative Gallery of Sustainable Communication is a database of commercial and public advertising campaigns about sustainability issues. It includes more than a thousand ads demonstrating clearly the creativity and variety with which this topic may be brought to the attention of different target groups.

Newsflash no. 58, March 2008: Campaign makes animals talk
A new campaign - CLIMATE TRACKERS - is based on the original idea of presenting the impact of global warming through the eyes of selected animals. The campaign includes 35 video clips in which animals speak directly to us about the changes in their lives and natural habitat due to climate change. The videos can not only be seen on the campaign website.  They are also made available to television channels  in order to reach as many viewers as possible.

Newsflash no. 57, February 2008: Energy education project wins European award
The Sustainable Energy Europe campaign gave its 2008 award for "Promotional, Communication and Educational Actions" to the project "Integration of Active Learning and Energy Monitoring within Schools Curriculum". The project aims to achieve energy savings at schools and in homes by involving students actively in their own learning process. The project has developed an online toolkit on active learning which is available in 14 European languages.  

Newsflash no. 56, February 2008: Check it out! - about saving energy at schools
Check it Out is an initiative aiming to improve energy performance at schools. Through active involvement, the pupils, teachers and other stakeholders learn how small changes in habits can lower the energy consumption of their school - and help combat climate change. The project has developed an education programme with teachers' guides and education material in several languages.

Newsflash no. 55, January 2008: National parks - in your pocket!
Realising the important role of national parks in raising environmental awareness, the Hungarian Ministry of Environment and Water has produced a series of handy guides to 10 national parks. The small size is an advantage both to the visitors having to carry it around, and in terms of storage, shipping etc. At the same time, the park authorities benefit from using a common platform to market their tourist services.

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