About the network

The Green Spider Network promotes cooperation between national institutions, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission (DG Environment) in the field of environmental information and communication. DG Environment uses the network as a channel for involving national institutions in its communication activities as well as for advice, input and feedback for future activity development at European level.

Read more in the Framework Document.

Core group and president
Each year at the annual meeting, the members elect a president and 5 to 7 core group members for the coming year. The core group leads the network, and collectively makes decisions on behalf of it.

Currently, the elected members are:

  • Ms Simona Losmanová, Czech Republic (Chair)
  • Ms. Kirsi Norros, Finland
  • Ms. Béatrice Galin, France
  • Ms. Evelina Daugirdaitē, Lithuania
  • Ms. Cristina Garção, Portugal
  • Ms. Branka Pivčević Novak, Croatia

In addition, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency are permanently represented in the core group. Presently by:

  • Mr Ewa Lindkvist, DG Environment, European Commission
  • Ms. Katja Rosenbohm, EEA

Follow this link to information about core group meetings.

The Green Spider Network was founded in 1995. The  inaugural workshop on "Environmental communication strategies in Europe" was held in The Hague gathering delegates from ministries and environmental agencies in 12 European countries.

Since, the network has grown. It now has almost 50 members representing 29 countries. The members meet at least every year for the annual meeting and sometimes in between for meetings and events about environmental communication in Europe.

Read more about the history of the network in the note prepared by one of the founding members on the occasion of the network's 10 year anniversary: First ten years as a Green Spider.

A new brochure is regulary produced by the Secretariat. Please have a look at the newest version containing valuable information about the network, interesting interviews and information about other topics. Click here to view the 2011 GSN brochure.


 last update: 12/12/2012