Stand a the Green Week Exhibition
3 - 6 June 2008

DG Environment's main annual environmental event, Green Week, took place in Brussels from 3-6 June. This year's theme was "One world - don't waste it", and the Green Spiders Network (GSN) had a stand at the exhibition.

At this stand, some of the GSN members presented a rolling exhibition of environmental campaigns in Europe. See the programme for an overview and brief description or follow the links below for more information about the individual campaign.

During the first two days, examples of best practices in national campaigns were on display, including:

Thereafter, visitors could get an insight into the latest developments in European climate change campaigns, including:

The purpose of participating in Green Week was to share experience on environmental communication and perhaps lay the groundwork for future cooperation. This it seems has been achieved with many interested visitors during the exhibition and several inquiries afterwards.


workshop on eu presidency communications
entrance to natural history museum
participants in the annual meeting
discussing upcoming eu biodiversity campaign
participants during meeting


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