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EU Habitats Directive Screensaver

2012 is the 20th anniversary of the EU Habitats Directive and Natura 2000 Network. To mark the occasion, a special screensaver has been prepared to help you to discover some of the thousands of rare and wonderful species and habitats that are protected across the 28 countries of the EU, thanks to the Habitats and Birds Directives.


Central to the Habitats Directive is the creation of a Europe-wide ecological network of protected sites – the Natura 2000 Network – which is designed to protect these species and habitats across their natural range in the EU. After many years of hard work, the network is now nearing completion. Over 26,000 Natura 2000 sites have been designated to date, making this the largest coordinated network of protected areas anywhere in the world.

How to download the screensaver (Windows):

 It takes just a few simple steps to install the screensaver on a computer:
• Download and open the zip file.
• Click on the “EU Habitats Directive.exe” file.
• The setup window will open and prompt you to select the destination directory.
The default directory is “C:\WINDOWS\” (or click “Browse” to select an alternative directory).
• Click the “Install” button.

• The Display Properties window will open, adjust the settings as appropriate and click “Apply”.

Download: EU Habitats Directive Screensaver (for Windows)  (~13 MB)