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Guidance Handbook 2014-20

How to design and implement successful results-based agri-environment schemes 2014-20


Are you interested in developing and implementing a results-based payment scheme for farmland biodiversity?

Here you can find step-by-step guidance on the decision-making process and practicalities of setting up and running an effective results-based scheme.

The Guidance Handbook provides:

  • detailed advice
  • examples of good practice
  • key tips for success
  • easy-to follow diagrams
  • references to legislation and technical guidance for agri-environment-climate schemes under the Rural Development Programmes 2014-20

Accompanying the Guidance Handbook are two Supplements:

  • Result indicators used in Europe describe in detail the selection, testing, measurement and verification of the different types of indicators of biodiversity results that have been used in Europe.
  • Examples of field guides for farmers shows some of the illustrated flower guides provided for farmers to use in species-rich grassland results-based schemes.

A Summary of the Guidance Handbook 2014-20 is available in all 24 EU languages as well as in an e-reader compatible format (in English only).

These are essential reference documents for anyone setting up a new results-based scheme.


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