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Farming for Biodiversity
The results-based agri-environment schemes

In a nutshell

Across Europe agri-environment schemes provide important sources of funding that enable farmers to protect wildlife habitats on agricultural land. Results-based schemes focus on payments that reward improvements in farmland biodiversity.

In practice

The Commission is developing a web-based platform that brings together research, information and practical experiences on results-based agri-environment schemes, i.e. schemes that focus on paying for biodiversity achievements in agriculture. Here you can find a searchable inventory of existing schemes, a downloadable handbook with guidance for designing such approaches, expert articles and videos to increase your understanding about scheme design, implementation and monitoring.

Whoever you are, if you are interested in improving farmland biodiversity, this platform offers an opportunity for you to share and deepen your knowledge.

Join our blog to get the latest policy and practice updates, discuss the latest findings or simply share your thoughts and knowledge about payments for biodiversity achievement in farming.

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