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Natura 2000: Sites - Habitats Directive

Lists of Sites of Community Importance (by Member State)*

Each Site of Community Importance (SCI) is identified by the information supplied by the Member States in the standard data format. The list for each Member State gives the following information:

  • SCI code comprising nine characters, the first two being the ISO code for the Member State;
  • name of SCI;
  • surface area of SCI in hectares or length in km;
  • geographical coordinates of SCI centroid (latitude and longitude);
  • the codes for the biogeographical region are as follow:
    • ALP: Alpine
    • ATL: Atlantic
    • BLA: Black Sea
    • BOR: Boreal
    • CNT: Continental
    • MAC: Macaronesian
    • MED: Mediterranean
    • PAN: Pannonian
    • STP: Steppic

Data as validated and updated by ETC-BD on July 2009.

* These lists comprise pSCI's (proposed Sites of Community Importance) and SCI's (Sites of Community Importance).

Austria Germany Netherlands
Belgium Greece Poland
Bulgaria Hungary Portugal
Cyprus Ireland Romania
Czech Republic Italy Slovakia
Denmark Latvia Slovenia
Estonia Lithuania Spain
Finland Luxembourg Sweden
France Malta United Kingdom