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Management Authority of Axios Delta

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GR-75300 Thessaloniki


Sector of operation:Site management
Level of operation:Site
Organisation type:Public agency

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The Axios – Loudias – Aliakmonas Estuaries Management Authority was founded in 2003. Its responsibility is to manage and protect the wetland complex comprising of the Deltas of Axios and Aliakmonas rivers, the estuaries of Loudias and Gallikos rivers, the Kalohori lagoon and the saltmarsh of Alyki Kitrous.

It is one of the 28 Management Authorities functioning in Greece as the basic environmental policy “tools”, in the framework of the country’s obligation towards European Union to put into practice effective measures to protect the environment and biodiversity. The Authority is administrated by a nine member board of council, consisted by representatives of Ministries, the Region of Central Makedonia, prefectural and local governments, local producers’ associations, the academic society, as well as environmental ngo’s.

Its basic objectives are: 

  • To prepare and put into practice the administration and functioning rules of the protected area.
  • To collect, assort and process environmental data concering the area.
  • To present with opinions concerning project and activities within its responsibility area.
  • To produce studies and researches, as well as to realize technical or other works required for the protection, rehabilitation and the promotion of the area.
  • To run national or European programs or activities.
  • To raise public awareness on the importance of the area and the objectives of the Management Authority.
  • To organize, support and promote ecotouristic programs.
  • To grant license for scientific research.

Role in the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process

The Axios – Loudias – Aliakmonas Estuaries Management Authority, together with the Greek Ministry for the Environment, Energy & Climate Change (internal link) organised the Mediterranean Kick-off Seminar (link), that took place in Thessaloniki form 26 to 28 May 2014 under the auspices of the Greek EU Presidency (



Stella Vareltzidou
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