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Dates: 10-12 October 2017

Location: Zadar, Croatia


The workshop was a collaboration between the Croatian Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Commission, and is a contribution to the ongoing process initiated by the Commission to help Member States manage the Natura 2000 network at a biogeographical region level whilst exchanging experience and best practice, addressing objectives and priorities, and enhancing co-operation and synergies.

The theme of the workshop - how best to manage fishing activities to support the conservation objectives of marine Natura 2000 sites – addresses a common concern of MPA (marine protected area) managers, highlighted at the first "marine biogeographical seminar" in St Malo, France in 2015. This is because fishing activities can have both direct and indirect effects on MPAs and because the management of fishing activities is a considerable challenge. The current EU Common Fisheries Policy and its ecosystem-based approach is one of the opportunities for improving conservation of marine ecosystems and marine Natura 2000 sites. National and local approaches also demonstrate ways in which the management of fishing in Natura 2000 sites could concur to nature conservation objectives.

The workshop’s focus was the Mediterranean Sea and  the special characteristics of the marine environment in this region and with the fisheries which it supports. The discussions centred on fisheries in offshore waters under jurisdiction of EU Member States and small-scale coastal fisheries. The workshop had the following objectives:

  • To identify the main pressures on protected features associated with commercial fisheries in marine Natura 2000 sites in the Mediterranean;
  • To identify priority issues, management requirements, measures and potential solutions (proposed or implemented) for the management of fishing activities in marine Natura 2000 sites in the Mediterranean;
  • To identify possible opportunities for co-operation and collaboration between MPA managers, fishing sector, relevant authorities and other stakeholders to support the management of marine Natura 2000 sites in the Mediterranean.

You can download the seminar report here

You can download the seminar background documents here
Annex 1b. Fact sheets on anadromous fish
Annex 2. Scoping paper on fisheries management measures in Natura 2000 sites (MEG document)
Annex 1a. Fact sheets on marine habitats and species

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