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4th International Conference on Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2015


14–18 September 2015

Location: OZEANEUM, Stralsund, Germany


Hosted by

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)

in cooperation with the

German Oceanographic Museum / OZEANEUM

Further information on the conference:


The 4 th international conference on “Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe 2015” offers a regular international forum for discussions on currently important marine conservation issues in Europe with occasional examples from beyond. The upcoming conference will be a continuation of the three international conferences which proved to be encouraging events with attendance of more than 200 experts from 20 countries. The conference invites a wide range of participants and organizations such as international conventions and agreements, policy makers, conservation managers, scientists and inter- and non-governmental organizations. Attendance is limited to 250 participants.


Conference Content
International experts will again discuss emerging issues and new research results, and identify promising approaches to proceed in marine nature conservation in Europe. The intended presentations will focus on:

• Current status of the implementation of MPA and EBSA networks;

• Current protection status and new research results on threatened or declining marine species and habitats like sharks and rays, whales, deep sea species, seamounts and hydrothermal vents or other benthic habitats;

Anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment and their management with focus on fisheries, e.g. management measures alternative fishing gear, and on the effects of offshore windfarms;

• Marine nature conservation in marine policy: the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD); Marine Spatial Planning; the economic value of ecosystem services;

New research and marine monitoring methods like digital aerial survey or sediment and benthic mapping. 


Further information

• on the conference will be posted in due course on our website


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