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Eurosite Annual Meeting: Improving natural sites – join forces and prioritise your conservation actions

Dates: 25-27 September 2017

Location: Finland

Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland is hosting a combined event consisting of the Eurosite Annual Meeting and a Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process (Boreal region) Thematic Networking Event to enhance the ecological effectiveness of collaboration approaches and to investigate alternative funding mechanisms to support these approaches.

The meeting is structured around three main themes:

  • Funding and possibilities: Voluntary work, private sector, compensations and habitat banking, etc. as mechanisms for conservation and management of biodiversity
  • Collaboration: Twinning and systematic biogeographic planning in the management of N2000 areas
  • Cost-effectiveness: Restoration prioritisation, Ecologically justifiable Low Hanging Fruits (LHF).

The registrations are now open, site managers and other stakeholders from all over Europe are welcomed to join us for an exciting programme exploring the best practices of using alternative funding mechanisms and collaboration possibilities in the management of Natura 2000 areas. Register online to enjoy three days with inspiring sessions, a workshop, a field trip, the traditional Eurosite EuroCocktail and many opportunities to network and share experiences with your European colleagues.

More information, including the draft programme and practical information, can be found on the Eurosite Annual Meeting 2017 webpage. The deadline for registration is 10 September 2017.