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Continental, pannonian, steppic and Black Sea regions seminar

Dates: 16-18 October 2018
Location: Strasbourg, Region Grand Est, France

The Natura 2000 Seminar for Continental, Pannonian, Steppic & Black Sea Regions will take place 16 – 18 October 2018 in Strasbourg, France. The seminar will be hosted by Region Grand Est and the address of the venue is: Maison de la Région, 1 place Adrien Zeller, Strasbourg 67070. Directions can be found here.

The draft programs for the seminar can be downloaded in both English and French. The themes for the seminar have been discussed and prepared with the Member States and representatives of stakeholders organizations. More information on the background of the seminar and themes that will be discussed can be found in the input document.

For further background information analytical elements in support to the second Natura 2000 seminar for the Continental, Pannonian, Black Sea and Steppic regions download our supporting document.

Three field visits have been organised during the seminar. For information on the themes of these field visits please download the site visit program here.