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Nitrogen Deposition and Nature Directives

Impacts and responses: our shared experiences

Organised by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Peterborough, UK, 2–4 December 2013

The workshop aims were to:

  • Share knowledge and experience of the assessment of nitrogen deposition impacts on conservation status of habitats
  • Examine (share best practice on) strategies and measures to reduce the impacts on Natura sites and the wider landscape.   The workshop was attended by representatives from Member States of the European Atlantic Region, from Government and Non-Government Organisations.

Workshop programme and the background papers are available from the JNCC workshop website.

Contents of the workshop:


Theme 1 plenary:

Working Group 1:Assessing Nitrogen Impacts on Conservation Status for the 2013 Habitats Directive Article 17 Reporting round: methods and outcomes

Working Group 2:  Establishing conservation objectives and conservation measures for Natura 2000 sites and applying critical loads/level at sites

Working Group 3:Impact assessments for air pollution policy and nature conservation policy

Theme 2 plenary:

Working Group 4: Measures for reducing impacts from agriculture

Working Group 5: Measures to reduce nitrogen deposition from sources other than localised agriculture (e.g. transport, power generation, industry and long range emissions)

Working Group 6: Approaches to assessing and permitting plans and projects (where they are sources of air pollution) for Article 6.3 assessments

Working Group 7: The effectiveness of on-site (intensified) habitat management measures and restoration measures to mitigate nitrogen deposition impacts and to promote recovery