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Links between Natural and Cultural heritage


There is an increasing recognition of strong interconnections between natural and cultural assets and of the need for their integrated management, especially in the context of Natura 2000. Conferences in Greece and in Italy in 2014 identified a number of options to strengthen these links, which can in turn boost recreational and eco-tourism activities and deliver green jobs and additional revenues. A "Scoping study on links between Natura 2000 and cultural sites and Annex" has been carried out to explore the contribution of Natura 2000 to the conservation and restoration of cultural capital, identify main relevant initiatives at EU policy level and examine how the different policies might better support each other also as regards possible EU funding opportunities, and suggest possible follow up for the integration of the two assets.

Case studies on linking Natura 2000 and cultural heritage

A series of case studies have been carried out showing practical examples of different facets of successful integrated management of natural and cultural heritage in Natura 2000 sites.



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