en Inaugural Natura 2000 Award shortlist announced Inaugural Natura 2000 Award shortlist announced The shortlist of finalists for the inaugural Natura 2000 Award has been announced and is available online. Registration for the Award ceremony on May 21st is now open. 22/04/2014 12:00:00 2 22/04/2014 EUROPA/ Inaugural Natura 2000 Award shortlist announced ESN en 57-Web home page (text, logo, image of a department) 16-000-EU Institutions and EU Legislation europa european commission institutions news calendar organisation commissioners president recruitment contact services european union eu dg env natura 2000 biodiversity nature eurobarometer natural protection sustainability citizens The shortlist of finalists for the inaugural Natura 2000 Award has been announced and is available online. Registration for the Award ceremony on May 21st is now open. The interest shown in this Award and the quality of the applications has once again underlined the incredible commitment of the Natura 2000 network to conservation management. A total of 163 applications were submitted by Natura 2000 sites coming from all over the EU. After careful assessment and deliberation by an independent team of evaluators, a shortlist of 22 projects has been drawn up, based on the information included in the application forms and using five key criteria: effectiveness of the actions and results achieved; innovation and originality, exemplary nature; durability of the actions; good cost-benefit ratio; and transferability. From this shortlist, five winners will be selected by the Jury, one in each of the five categories: Conservation, Socio-Economic Benefits, Communication, Reconciling Interests/Perceptions, and Networking and Cross-Border Cooperation. The winners will be announced at the Award ceremony in Brussels on May 21st. You can register here. The Finalists Conservation Getting rid of the rats Montecristo Island, a Special Protected Area (SPA), conducted an extensive rat eradication campaign to save the yelkouan shearwaters. Natura code: IT5160014 The daring Dutch, restoring dynamic dunes PWN and Natuurmonumenten are working on preserving a dynamic dune landscape with characteristic white dunes, grey dunes and valleys. Natura code: NL1000012 Pine forests on Mount Parnon Some 540 ha of black pine forest within the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Oros Parnonas (kai periochi Malevis) were restored after a wildfire in 2007 devastated the forest. Natura code: GR2520006 Reintroducing the Iberian lynx The Iberian Lynx was reintroduced into two areas in Spain: Guadalmellato (Córdoba) and Guarrizas (Jaén). Natura code: ES6130006 Special protection for the lesser kestrel A colony of lesser kestrels (Falco naumanni) located in the Special Protection Area (SPA) Colonias de Cernícalo Primilla de Almendralejo was restored in a very particular setting: a church. Natura code: ES0000331 Saving the imperial eagle This project eliminated over a wide area one of the most serious conservation problems facing the globally threatened imperial eagle: electrocution. Natura code: BG0002021 Socio-Economic Benefits The role of agricultural communities Farmers in Sighișoara-Târnava Mare, a Site of Community Importance (SCI), make a better living in a sustainable way thanks to a range of enabling activities linked to their Natura 2000 site. Natura code: ROSCI0227 Unique nature near the city The Natura 2000 site Tiengemeten Island was transformed from an intensively cultivated area to an open nature museum, successfully promoting nature and generating income to the local community. Natura code: NL1000015 A living and rich region This initiative helped to restore long-abandoned and degraded meadows and pastures in the Strážovské-vrchy region and promote sustainable production through an online network. Natura code: SKUEV0256 Communication Preserving bat species Centro Ciência Viva do Alviela Observatory in Portugal helped to increase public knowledge and reduce public fear of bats. An infrared camera was placed in a bat cave to allow people to observe these creatures. Natura code: PTCON0015 Rediscovered steppes of the Louny region Spreading the word about Natura 2000 in trains, hospitals and local communities is how SCI Raná-Hrádek and SCI Oblík-Srdov-Brník – both Sites of Community Importance – successfully communicated the immense value of Natura 2000 sites and a habitat type of European importance to the general public. Natura code: CZ0424033 Natura 2000 goes to school The March-Thaya-Auen site held events for local primary schools to help increase their knowledge and awareness of the European network. Natura code: AT1202000 Wolves in Saxony The Wolves in Saxony Contact Office was established by the Saxon State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture to provide information on the local wolf population, increasing public acceptance of this large carnivore after 150 years of absence. Natura code: DE4554301 Reconciling Interests/Perceptions When hunting overlaps conservation In the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France, the Regional Federation of Hunters ran an awareness-raising project dedicated to Natura 2000 and successfully reduced local tensions by involving hunters in the management of these sites. Natura code: FR9110105 A model for sustainable cooperation At the heart of the Natura 2000 Vijvergebied van Midden Limburg site, local landowners, nature organisations and local and public authorities who used to be in a conflict over conservation now work together to manage wetlands and protect the tree frog and the bittern, thanks to the 3E methodology (Economy, Ecology, Education). Natura code: BE2219312 Management of Lake Lesser Prespa A Wetland Management Committee (WMC) was established to help local stakeholders jointly manage their local Natura 2000 site and together benefit economically from their local wetland area. Natura code: GR1340001 A spatial optimisation tool The Flemish government set up a participatory conflict-resolution process designed to formulate conservation targets through cooperation for Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). Natura code: BE2100015 Saving England’s coral garden Meetings involving fishermen, regulators and conservationists were organised in order to save England’s coral garden from damage related to fishing activities. Natura code: UK0030372 Better management in Czech Republic In the Czech Republic, a bottom-up consultation process was set up in order to manage eight Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). Natura code: CZ0514113 Networking and Cross-Border Cooperation A human network The association of Natura 2000 Brittany site managers in western France enabled local managers to share their experiences, skills and expertise. Natura code: FR5300024 Coherent quality standards Rebollar of Navalpotro in Guadalajara, a Site of Community Importance (SCI), has benefited from a technical cooperation network across Spain. Natura code: ES4240012 Cooperation to raise public awareness Cooperation between the regions to manage the Sonian Forest near Brussels has generated many successes and facilitated the efficient and consistent management of the forest. Natura code: BE2400008