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Dupont's Lark
Chersophilus duponti

Map of the common names


Size of Shylark (L 18 cm), sandy-coloured and with long and slightly curved bill. The Dupont's Lark occupies flat areas, sparsely covered with scrubs and avoids large cultivated regions. The species feeds principally on insects. Resident.

Watercolour by Serge Nicolle

Reasons for the need for protection/inclusion in annex I

The EU breeding population is about 14,000 pairs. The species is threatened through degradation of its natural habitat (the expansion of dry cultivation and afforestation) and fragmentation of its range. Additionally, illegal hunting and predation can occasionally have a negative effects on populations.

Distribution map

yellow = summer visitor
green = resident
blue = winter visitor

Population : 13,000 / 15,000 pairs

Drawing by Manuel Manolos

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