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Wild Birds: Bird species of the European Union

List of birds of the European Union – June 1999

List of Bird Species naturally occurring in the wild state in the European Territory of the Member States to which the Treaty applies.

The sequence, systematics and nomenclature of the list follow Voous (1973, 1977) with a few modifications introduced during a meeting of experts held in march 1988.  Some well differentiated forms, often considered a species, are indicated here.  They are mentioned (inc.) after the species to which they are normally associated, without taking position on their taxonomic status.  To facilitate comparison with the Sibley and Monroe list (used as a reference in particular for CITES), synonyms are indicated and an alternative list following the Sibley and Monroe sequence and systematics is proposed.

For a species to be included in the list of the European Union it must have been observed in the wild state in at least one Member Stae and accepted by the National Birds Committees and published in their annual reports (See bibliography consulted).  Species whose origin is considered to be doubtful by these Committees are excluded from this list.

Introduced species with an established breeding population (more than 100 breeding pairs for more than ten years) in the European Union can be found in an Annex.