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Wild Birds: Action plans

Since 1993, the European Commission has supported the development and implementation of the following Action Plans for the most threatened bird species of Annex I of the Birds Directive, including globally threatened species that occur in Europe. These plans, which have been prepared by BirdLife International, are the result of an extensive process of consultation and consensus building involving scientific experts, government agencies and representives of non-governmental organisations throughout Europe. The plans provide a valuable tool to help Member States focus limited resources on ensuring that actions taken for endangered species are based on sound science and are targeted at the most critical measures aimed at recovery of these species. As each of the species covered by the plans are considered as priority for funding under the LIFE programme the help ensure that potential applicants for funding focus on actions that are recognised as the most important and urgent for these species.

Action plan per species

all documents are in pdf format


Aquila clanga (173KB)

Aquila pomarina

Aquila pomarina (172KB)


Aythya nyroca (511KB)

Columba bollii

Columba bollii (58 KB)

Crex crex

Crex crex (200KB)

Falco Eleonorae

Falco Eleonorae (229KB)

Falco naumanni

Falco naumanni (503KB)

Fulica cristata

Fulica cristata (102KB)

Larus audouinii

Larus audouinii (108KB)

Loxia Scotica

Loxia Scotica (80KB)

Marmaronetta angustirostris

Milvus milvus (750KB)

Otis tarda

Otis tarda (102KB)

Tetrax tetrax

Tetrax tetrax (346KB)