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Limitations of the Data

Threats: The information on the relative importance of different threatening processes to European species is incomplete. In the European Red List, we coded all threats that seemed to be having an important impact, but not the relative importance of such threats. For example, many species that have declined seriously because of over-harvesting are also subject to habitat loss, although over-harvesting is probably the dominant current threat.

Data Deficient species: The percentage of Data Deficient (DD) species at the European regional level is fairly low by comparison with comprehensive global analyses of amphibians, mammals and birds. This reflects the fact that European species are often better known than those in some other parts of the world. However, it remains the case that a number of species are classed as Data Deficient at the European level. Because many DD species are likely to have small distributions or populations, or both, they are intrinsically likely to be threatened. Consequently the data in the IUCN Red List of Threatened species, and analyses based upon it, are likely to underestimate the true rate of threat.