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Policy Species: IUCN Red List Status

These summary statistics and analyses are based on the European vascular plant dataset published in November 2011.

The status of species listed under policy instruments was assessed at two regional levels: geographical Europe and the EU 27. As these species were preidentified as needing conservation attention it is not surprising that the percentage of threatened species is very high. At the European level, at least 44.9% of the species (400 species) are considered as threatened. Of those, at least 11.9% are Critically Endangered, 17.2% Endangered and 15.8% Vulnerable. A further 9.5% are classified as Near Threatened as they are significantly declining in parts of their range and need at least to be monitored.

Within the EU 27, at least 47.3% of the plants (405 species) are threatened, of which at least 12.6% are Critically Endangered, 18.4% Endangered and 16.2% Vulnerable. In addition, 10.9% of species are considered as Near Threatened.

Two species are Regionally Extinct at the EU 27 level: Veronica euxina is not found in Bulgaria anymore but still occurs in Moldova and Ukraine; and Mandragora officinarum is Regionally Extinct in the EU 27 region as it has disappeared from Italy, but is still present in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina where it is classed as Endangered. Three species are considered Extinct in Europe and globally: Centaurea pseudoleucolepis, Euphrasia mendoncae and Viola cryana. A further three European endemic plant species are classed as Extinct in the Wild: the grasses Bromus bromoideus and Bromus interruptus, and Lysimachia minoricensis. Two species, Primula egaliksensis and the Canarian endemic plant Kunkeliella psilotoclada are considered as Critically Endangered, Possibly Extinct. The latter was last seen in the wild in 1983 but there is still hope that dormant seeds survived in the soil and the species is conserved in a botanic garden.

Summary of numbers of European policy plants within each category of threat
IUCN Red List categories No. species Europe (no. endemic species) No. species EU 27 (no. endemic species)*
Extinct (EX) 3 (3) 2 (2)
Extinct in the Wild (EW) 3 (3) 3 (3)
Regionally Extinct (RE) 0 2 (0)
Critically Endangered (CR) 106 (104) 108 (103)
Endangered (EN) 153 (126) 158 (120)
Vulnerable (VU) 141 (124) 139 (111)
  Near Threatened (NT) 85 (58) 93 (49)
Least Concern (LC) 219 (101) 203 (77)
Data Deficient (DD) 181 (120) 149 (88)
Total number of species assessed 891 (639) 857 (553)

*This table does not include species that do not occur in the EU 27 and are therefore considered as Not Evaluated for that region.

Red List status of policy plants in Europe

Red List status of policy plants in Europe
Red List status of policy plants in Europe
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Red List status of policy plants in the EU 27
Red List status of policy plants in the EU 27
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