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Aquatic Plants: IUCN Red List Status

These summary statistics and analyses are based on the European vascular plant dataset published in November 2011.

The status of aquatic plants was assessed at two regional levels: geographical Europe and the EU 27. At the European level, at least 6.6% of the species are considered threatened, with at least 1.3% of them being Critically Endangered, 2% Endangered and 3.3% Vulnerable. A further 7.4% are classified as Near Threatened. Within the EU 27, at least 7.2% of aquatic plants are threatened, of which at least 1.3% are Critically Endangered, 2.4% Endangered and 3.5% Vulnerable. In addition, 8.6% are considered Near Threatened. One species is Extinct at the European level, the Serbian endemic Trapa annosa; however the taxonomy of the genus Trapa is far from clear and it is not certain that T. annosa is a good species. The Greek endemic Isoetes heldreichii is listed as Critically Endangered/Possibly Extinct as it has not been seen since 1885, in spite of searches in the type locality, however there is also a need to resolve the taxonomic status of this species, particularly in relation to populations recently found on the island of Lesvos.

Summary of numbers of European aquatic plants within each category of threat
IUCN Red List categories No. species Europe (no. endemic species) No. species EU 27 (no. endemic species)*
Extinct (EX) 1 (1) 0 (0)
Critically Endangered (CR) 5 (4) 5 (4)
Endangered (EN) 8 (5) 9 (4)
Vulnerable (VU) 13 (7) 13 (6)
  Near Threatened (NT) 29 (6) 32 (4)
Least Concern (LC) 274 (17) 273 (11)
Data Deficient (DD) 63 (23) 40 (5)
Total number of species assessed 393 (63) 372 (34)

*This table does not include the Not Applicable species in Europe and/or the EU (species introduced after AD 1500 or species of marginal occurrence). For the EU 27 assessment the Not Evaluated species (species which do not occur in the EU) are also excluded.

Red List status of aquatic plants in Europe

Red List status of CWR in Europe
Red List status of aquatic plants in Europe
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Red List status of CWR in the EU 27
Red List status of aquatic plants in the EU 27
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