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Coordination of the European Red List of Non-Marine Molluscs was carried out initially by Helen Temple and then by Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN Global Species Programme, Red List Unit). Mary Seddon (Chair of the IUCN SSC Molluscs Specialist Group) led the freshwater molluscs component, compiling data for the assessments of European freshwater molluscs and provided taxonomy overview and technical advice throughout the project, whilst Eike Neubert (Natural History Museum of Bern, Switzerland) coordinated the evaluation of the landsnails.

Jean-Christophe Vié, Craig Hilton-Taylor and Caroline Pollock provided guidance, encouragement, and good advice throughout the project. Ana Nieto offered support and guidance on finance, facilitation, data editing, review, and fundraising. She also organized one of the evaluation workshops, in collaboration with David Collins. Teresa Oliveros Martinez, Maureen Martindell, Anna Rosenberg and Hugo Ruiz Lozano provided substantial assistance with financial management of the project. Yichuan Shi, Adrian Hughes, Susannah Ohanlon, Vineet Katariya and Jim Ragle provided high-quality support on GIS and database issues. Rebecca Miller, Maiko Lutz and Caroline Pollock conducted consistency checks and supported the publications of the species accounts on the Red List website.

For the organisation of the workshop on freshwater molluscs held in Budapest (Hungary) in November 2009, we would like to thank the Hungarian Ministry of Environment and the Hungarian Natural History Museum, as well as Zoltan Feher and Ildikó Varga. For the organization of the evaluation workshop in London (UK) in February 2010, we would like to thank the Zoological Society of London, and in particular Nadia Richman, Ben Collen and Jonathan Baillie. Finally, for the evaluation workshop on terrestrial snails organized in the Natural History Museum of Bern (Switzerland) in September 2010, we are deeply grateful to Eike Neubert, Regula Markwalder, Esther Bögli, Marcel Güntert and Christopher Sherry. Our hosts arranged for effective working environments in beautiful surroundings and we enjoyed their warm hospitality. The expert working groups during the various evaluations workshops were facilited by: Dania Abdul Malak, Melanie Bilz, Amy Burden, Annabelle Cuttelod, Nieves Garcia, Maiko Lutz, Nadia Richmann, Rachel Roberts and Mary Seddon.

This project had furthermore the help of many volunteers who dedicated their time to edit and review assessments and to create maps. We would like to say our gratitude to Claire Nichols, Jack Ward, Sophie George, Suzanne Livingstone, Juan José Suárez Fernández, Laurel Benett, Kirsty Newberry, Anne-Marie Soulsby, Renuka Badhe, Mia Derhé and Valerie Darwall.

The European Molluscs Assessments and consequently this report were requirements of the framework of a service contract with the European Commission (Service Contract No. 070307/2007/483305/MAR/B2). We would like to thank Isabel Lourenco De Faria, for ensuring the smooth coordination between the project and the european commission and Frank Vassen for his constructive comments and feedbacks. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission, the Natural History Museum of Bern, or the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

We are deeply grateful to the many people and organizations in Europe who have provided us with support and assistance during our work. We warmly thank the following people that contributed a considerable amount of their time and knowledge in the data compilation, preliminary assessments, evaluation or peer-review of all these species, asking for forgiveness from anyone whose name is inadvertently omitted or misspelled. Without these dedicated experts, this project could never have been completed:

  • Cristina Abreu
  • Christian Albrecht
  • David Aldridge
  • Maria Alonso
  • Rosario Alonso
  • Rafael Araujo
  • Beatriz Arconada
  • Jose Ramon Arrebola Burgos
  • Ruud Bank
  • Jean-Michel Bichain
  • Michel Bichain
  • Helena Bilandzija
  • Marco Bodon
  • Philippe Bouchet
  • Robert Cameron
  • Maryvonne Charrier
  • Simone Cianfanelli
  • Simone Cianfanelli
  • Olivia Cioboiu
  • Brian Coles
  • Barry Colville
  • António Manuel de Frias Martin
  • Zoltán Erõss
  • Gerhard Falkner
  • Margrit Falkner
  • Andrezj Falniowski
  • Zoltan Feher
  • Olivier Gargominy
  • Dimitri Georgiev
  • Dilian Georgiev
  • Lefteris Giotis
  • Folco Giusti
  • Peter Glöer
  • Benjamín Gómez-Moliner
  • Klaus Groh
  • Martin Haase
  • Alessandro Hallgass
  • Torsten Hauffe
  • Branko Jalzic
  • Ümit Kebapçı
  • Ian Killeen
  • Jasna Lajtner
  • Giuseppe Manganelli
  • Alberto Martinez-Orti
  • Alex Menez
  • Evelyn Moorkens
  • Eike Neubert
  • Hans-Jörg Niederhöfer
  • Barna Páll-Gergely
  • Vladimir Pešić
  • Vincent Prie
  • Biljana Rađa
  • Kanella Radea
  • Marian Ramos
  • Claire Regnier
  • Alexander Reischütz
  • Peter Reischütz
  • Emilio Rolan
  • Jörg Rüetschi
  • Kirsten Schreiber
  • Mary Seddon
  • Roberto Sinaco
  • Boris Sket
  • Rajko Slapnik
  • Peter Solymos
  • Mikhail Son
  • Vesna Stamol
  • Peter Subai
  • Jelena Tomovic
  • Konstantinos Triantis
  • Dirk Van Damme
  • Katerina Vardinoyannis
  • Lubomira Vavrova
  • Maxim Vinarksi
  • Jackie von Goetham
  • Ted von Proschwitz