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All IUCN’s Red Listing processes rely on the willingness of scientists to pool their collective knowledge in order to make reliable status assessments. Without their enthusiastic commitment to species conservation, this kind of regional overview would not be possible.

Coordinators of the European Red List of Dragonflies were Helen Temple, Annabelle Cuttelod (IUCN Species Programme) and Vincent Kalkman (European Invertebrate Survey, the Netherlands).

European Invertebrates Survey

Jean-Christophe Vié provided guidance, encouragement, and good advice throughout the project. Ana Nieto, Teresa Oliveros Martinez, Anna Rosenberg and Hugo Ruiz Lozano provided substantial assistance with financial management of the project. Susannah Ohanlon, Vineet Katariya, Jim Ragle and Melanie Bilz provided high-quality support on GIS and database issues.

Sonia Ferreira and Vincent Kalkman organized the evaluation workshop. Workshop facilitators were Ana Nieto and Melanie Bilz. Anna Lejfelt-Sahlén and Laurel Bennett corrected and improved the English.

The European Dragonfly Assessments, and consequently this report, were made within the framework of a service contract with the European Commission (Service Contract No. 070307/2007/483305/MAR/B2). All opinions, results, conclusions and recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission, or the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The European Dragonflies Assessments were entirely dependent on the volunteer experts, who generously gave of their time and knowledge. The enthusiasm and commitment of these people has enabled us to generate a comprehensive and detailed picture of the status and trend of dragonflies in Europe. We record our thanks to the following people who have contributed to the assessments of the species included within this report:

  • Rafał Bernard
  • Jean-Pierre Boudot
  • Klaus-Jürgen Conze
  • Geert De Knijf
  • Elena Dyatlova
  • Sónia Ferreira
  • Miloš Jović
  • Vincent Kalkman
  • Jürgen Ott
  • Elisa Riservato
  • Göran Sahlén