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Coordination of the saproxylic beetle component of the European Red List was carried out by Ana Nieto (IUCN Regional Office for Pan Europe) and Helen Temple (Species Programme). We received expert advice and assistance from Keith N.A. Alexander (IUCN Saproxylic Beetles Specialist Advisor).

Annabelle Cuttelod, Melanie Bilz, Caroline Pollock and Jean-Christophe Vié provided guidance, encouragement, and good advice throughout the project. Teresa Oliveros Martínez and Anna Rosenberg provided substantial assistance with financial management of the project. Susannah Ohanlon, Vineet Katariya, Joe Wood, Yichuan Shi, Diego Juffe and Jim Ragle provided high-quality support on GIS and database issues.

A word of thanks goes to Alison Coleman, Liza Drius and Lynne Labanne for their support on communication related matters.

We would like to thank Melanie Bilz, Julie Griffin, Helen Temple and Ana Nieto for assisting with workshop facilitation and Valentina Villoria for her extensive help with logistical arrangements and for ensuring that the workshop ran smoothly. Also thank you to David Collins for his invaluable support.

The European Saproxylic Beetles Assessment and consequently this report were requirements of the framework of a service contract with the European Commission (Service Contract No. 070307/2007/483305/MAR/B2). Additional support to IUCN that contributed to the success of the workshop was provided by the Ministry of the Environment of Finland. We thank Marina von Weissenberg of the Ministry of the Environment of Finland for her much appreciated help. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission, the Ministry of the Environment of Finland, or the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The European Saproxylic Beetle Assessment was entirely dependent on more than 72 experts from over 35 countries in Europe, who generously gave of their time and knowledge. The enthusiasm and commitment of these people has enabled us to generate a comprehensive and detailed picture of saproxylic beetle status and trends in Europe. We record our thanks to the following people, asking for forgiveness from anyone whose name is inadvertently omitted or misspelled:

  • Aleksandrowicz Oleg
  • Alexander Keith
  • Audisio Paolo
  • Bahillo Pablo
  • Baselga Andres
  • Bekchiev Rostislav
  • Bouget Christophe
  • Brustel Hervé
  • Büche Boris
  • Buse Jörn
  • Campanaro Alejandro
  • Chobot Karel
  • De la Rosa Juan Jesús
  • Delnatte Julien
  • Dodelin Benoit
  • Doychev Danail
  • Gerend Raoul
  • Guéorguiev Borislav
  • Grosso-Silva José Manuel
  • Horák Jakub
  • Hrasovec Boris
  • Hyvärinen Esko
  • Istrate Petru
  • Jansson Nicklas
  • Jurc Maja
  • Katušić Luka
  • Köhler Frank
  • Legakis Anastasios
  • Lelo Suvad
  • Makris Christodoulos
  • Mannerkoski Ilpo
  • Martikainen Petri
  • Martin Ole
  • Mason Franco
  • Méndez Marcos
  • Merkl Otto
  • Micó Balaguer Estefanía
  • Muller Jorg
  • Munteanu Natalia
  • Nardi Gianluca
  • Nitzu Eugen
  • Ødegaard Frode
  • Oleksa Andrzej
  • Olšovský Tomáš
  • Otero Carlos
  • Pedersen Jan
  • Pesic Vladimir
  • Petrakis Panos
  • Pettersson Roger
  • Peuhu Elina
  • Pil Natasa
  • Putchkov Alexander
  • Recalde Irurzun José-Ignacio
  • Rimsaite Jolanta
  • Schlaghamersky Jiri
  • Schmidl Jürgen
  • Smets Koen
  • Soares-Vieira Patrícia
  • Sprecher-Uebersax Eva
  • Stokland Jogeir
  • Sverdrup-Thygeson Anne
  • Telnov Dimitry
  • Tezcan Serdar
  • Thomsen Philip Francis
  • Tykarski Piotr
  • Verdugo Antonio
  • Viñolas Amador
  • Vitaly Alekseev
  • Vives Eduard
  • Voolma Kaljo
  • Vozar Agnes
  • Zabransky Petr