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Major Threats

For amphibians, habitat loss is the most significant threat, affecting 17 out of 19 threatened species and 76 species in total. Pollution (here including global climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions) is the second most important threat, impacting on 62 species. In third place, invasive alien species threaten nearly half of Europe’s amphibian species. These invasive species include predators such as introduced salmonid fishes and pathogens such as the fungal disease chytridiomycosis, which has been implicated in amphibian population collapses and extinctions in many parts of the world.

Information has not been collected during the assessment process on the relative importance of one threat compared to another for a particular species. Development of such information in the future is a priority for the assessment and will enable a more complete analysis of significant threats to species.

Threats to amphibians
Threats to amphibians