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Promoting population level management of large carnivores

Large carnivores have very large area requirements, with individuals using from 100 to 1000 km2 each for their territories. As a result they occur at very low densities. A consequence of this is that their populations tend to spread over very large areas.

On a continent like Europe this means that populations spread across many administrative borders, both within and between countries.

Effective conservation therefore requires that the responsible authorities in different areas coordinate their management actions.

The Commission has invested considerable resources during the last decade in promoting this form of transboundary cooperation. The latest document compiles recommendations for the most important key actions on four large carnivore species, going to the level of the recognized populations.

Download documents on population level management of large carnivores:

Report: Key actions for Large Carnivore populations in Europe (pdf ~ 2.1 mb)

Report: Guidelines on population level management of large carnivores in Europe (pdf ~1.5mb)

Note: Notes from the European Commission on status of these guidelines (pdf ~0.3mb)

Brochure: Large carnivores know no boundaries (pdf ~9.2mb)

Report: Towards a population level approach for the management of large carnivores in Europe. Challenges and opportunities (pdf ~0.4mb)