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Promoting best practices

In order to encourage the adoption of best practices that promote coexistence with large carnivores the Commission has been funding a number of projects associated with large carnivores.

By far the largest such mechanism is the LIFE programme. Between 1992 and 2012 the LIFE programme funded 78 projects dealing with brown bear, wolves and Eurasian lynx.

Report: LIFE and human coexistence with large carnivores (pdf ~11mb)
Report: Large Carnivore Conservation and Management in Europe: The contribution of EC co-funded LIFE projects (pdf ~2.1mb)

Best practices in livestock protection

Wherever large carnivores and livestock occur in the same area there is a potential for conflict. Varieties of traditional and modern approaches to protecting livestock exist, and many projects have been successful at adapting them to different situations.

Carnivore Damage Prevention News Number 12 Carnivore Damage Prevention News Number 11
Carnivore Damage Prevention News Number 12 Carnivore Damage Prevention News Number 11
Carnivore Damage Prevention News Number 10  
Carnivore Damage Prevention News Number 10  

The list below provides links to different project and institutional websites that contain information materials suitable for herders and livestock producers in a variety of languages.

Source Languages
LIFE Arctos " Brown Bear Conservation: Coordinated Actions in the Alpine and Apennine Range " [] EN, IT
LIFE Medwolf " Best practice actions for wolf conservation in Mediterranean-type areas " [] EN, IT, PT
LIFE Extra "Improving the conditions for large carnivore conservation: a transfer of best practice" [] EN, IT, BG, RO, GR
LIFE Co-Ex "Improving coexistence of large carnivores and agriculture in southern Europe "[] EN, FR, HR, IT, ES, PT
LIFE SLOWOLF " Conservation and surveillance of the conservation status of the wolf (Canis lupus) population in Slovenia " [] EN, SL
LIFE CRO-WOLF "Protection and Management of Wolf Populations in Croatia" [] HR
Sweden's Wildlife Damage Centre [] SE
Norway's Wildlife Damage Centre [] NO
AGRIDEA – Swiss Livestock Protection Information [] FR, DE, IT
Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe – searchable database of publications on livestock protection in many languages [] EN