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Biodiversity Action Plan Report 2007

The first progress evaluation on implementation of the Biodiversity Action Plan covers the period up to the end of 2007 and focuses on action at Community level. It is a concise factual report highlighting key elements of progress for each of the ten objectives of the Biodiversity Communication.

The evaluation shows progress in relation to some of the objectives, targets and actions of the EU Biodiversity Action Plan. Much of this relates to existing legislation, including the establishment of the Natura 2000 Network of conservation areas. Now covering around 20 % of the EU's terrestrial territory and significant marine areas, Natura 2000 is at the core of EU biodiversity policy.

Important new initiatives are work towards an EU framework on invasive alien species, strengthening partnerships on business and biodiversity, communicating biodiversity and launching of a review of the economics of biodiversity loss.

It is difficult to demonstrate significant progress in the integration of biodiversity into other sectoral policies relating to the wider EU countryside and marine environments and in reinforcing the compatibility of regional and territorial development with biodiversity in the EU.

Also, there is a need to strengthen synergies between climate change and biodiversity objectives.

Good progress has been made in enhancing global governance and addressing trade in illegal timber, but the mainstreaming of biodiversity in bilateral development cooperation and in EU trade policies remains an important challenge.

The report

This is supported by a more detailed summary of progress for each of the 150 actions set out in the EU plan.

Detailed Annex

The assessment is also supported by ongoing work on European biodiversity indicators led by the European Environment Agency within the framework of the project on Streamlining European 2010 Biodiversity Indicators (SEBI 2010).

Report on the development of SEBI