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Best practices

Here we feature examples of activities, on the ground, or at a policy or financing level, which support :

  • sustainable development,
  • the conservation and the restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems,
  • ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation,
  • the creation and proper management of protected areas,
  • sustainable use of natural resources
  • innovative financing for example “debth for adaptation swaps”.

The examples chosen are in the ORs and OCTs, in the region they are in or feature practices elsewhere that could be of use in European Overseas entities.

We encourage submission of best practices examples. Click here to submit one.


Policy work - Mayotte’s Biodiversity Strategy

The strategy creates an action plan to improve the protection of Mayotte’s ecologically important ecosystems. It involved a mapping assessment of the island’s biodiversity and workshops bringing together numerous stakeholders to define how sensitive species and sites can be better protected. 

Like many small island states, Mayotte’s terrestrial and marine environment are vulnerable to numerous pressures from pollution, habitat destruction,... Read more


Creation of Protected Areas 

The creation of this park, now amongst the largest Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the world, increases significantly the surface of French MPAs : 16 % of waters under French jurisdiction are now under an MPAs status (4% before). Read more...