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Member States' policy developments on resource efficiency and environment

The Commission commissioned a study gathering information on the main environment and resource-efficiency related policy initiatives, events and public debates in the 27 Member States over 2010 and on upcoming initiatives in 2011.

Country profiles were developed for each Member State based on information collected up to mid 2011. They provide a summary of some of the main policy developments in the environment and resource efficiency, as identified independently by the contractor, and include graphs on environmental taxes, infringements of EU environmental legislation, Natura 2000 areas, organic farming, air pollution and waste.

The country profiles do not aim at comparing the performance of Member States nor do they include environmental indicators of performance at EU level. (for further information on these aspects, please refer to DG Environment's Policy Review homepage).

Disclaimer: Contents and views contained in the profiles are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent those of the European Commission.


To access the information on the country of your choice, click on the map.

(All pdf documents are +/- 700 KB)
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