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Our Oceans, Seas and Coasts

Things you might not know about our seas and oceans…

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The sea is a great place to have fun, swim, surf, sail and discover amazing plants and animals!

And it also provides us with fish to eat and helps to keep our climate stable.

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Just like anything else, if you don’t use it properly, it gets damaged. This is why the European Commission has developed rules on how to use the European seas and oceans and how to make sure that we protect them in the future. These rules are found in the Marine Directive.

Want to know more about what the EU is all about? Read it here!

Latest news

Be a detective and upload the beach litter you found via the Marine Litter Watch app (Google Play)! Scientists will use your information and the European Environment Agency stores it all in a public database


Download your app of "Zoe makes a splash", an interactive storybook for children (Apple Store or Google Play)


Would you drink your wastewater? Find out if you can and read our brochure (all EU languages available)