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EU Coast and Marine Policy

Legislation: the Marine Strategy Framework Directive





Good Environmental Status

Descriptor 1 Biodiversity is maintained


Descriptor 2 Non-indigenous species do not adversely alter the ecosystem


Descriptor 3. The population of commercial fish species is healthy


Descriptor 4. Elements of food webs ensure long-term abundance and reproduction


Descriptor 5. Eutrophication is minimised


Descriptor 6. The sea floor integrity ensures functioning of the ecosystem


Descriptor 7. Permanent alteration of hydrographical conditions does not adversely affect the ecosystem


Descriptor 8. Concentrations of contaminants give no effects


Descriptor 9. Contaminants in seafood are below safe levels


Descriptor 10. Marine litter does not cause harm


Descriptor 11. Introduction of energy (including underwater noise) does not adversely affect the ecosystem

Integration into other policies


International Cooperation

Regional Sea Conventions

Young People











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