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The Standard Agreement and Common Provisions (Article 13 SAP/CP) state that a beneficiary is under the obligation to inform the Commission, in writing, of any changes to the grant agreement. They also stipulates that changes calling into question the grant award decision, or which are contrary to the equal treatment of applicants, will not be accepted. It should be underlined that the beneficiary, by signature of the grant agreement, commits to doing everything possible to carry out the project as described in the proposal. Thus, the application of Article 13 SAP/CP (which concerns "changes to the project") is exceptional and is not an automatic procedure for correcting poorly designed or managed projects. It should be emphasised that the Commission is not responsible for decisions made by project beneficiaries and, therefore, that the Commission need not accept an additional clause because of a project's management failure.

It should also be underlined that a modification of the project is a complex procedure which is not necessarily the most appropriate or only solution when a project encounters problems. The cases in which a modification request must be submitted to the Commission and for which approval may be granted by the Commission are presented in the Standard Agreement and Common Provisions (Article 13 SAP/CP).

If a project modification request is seen as necessary to be submitted the following should be taken into account by the beneficiaries in order to ensure that the whole process of drafting, evaluating and approving is not unnecessarily prolonged:

Guidelines on how to present a request for an additional clause (financial tables in annex)

Download: Guidelines on how to present a request for an additional clause (financial tables in annex)
pdf(~73 KB)


Commission's steps when evaluating a request

If you have a question related to your project (and prior to the submission of any request for modification), you are advised to contact your External Assistance Team.


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