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As set out in article 25.2 of the Common Provisions, the time which each employee spends working on the project shall be recorded on a timely basis using timesheets or an equivalent time registration system established and certified regularly by the coordinating beneficiary / associated beneficiary. The example of timesheets available for download at the bottom of the page can be accepted:

Reporting of personnel costs

The example is a simple and user-friendly model for a monthly timesheet, which meets minimum requirements, developed in Excel format.

It is important to note that the use of this model is not obligatory; however, any own developed timesheet should at least contain equivalent information. Beneficiaries are free to fine-tune the model, e.g. in order to provide a further break-down of the working time into different actions or tasks.

Some practical hints (please also read the pdf file below)

The timesheet should be updated in a timely manner - ideally every working day.

The completed timesheet for a given month should be signed and approved in a timely manner - e.g. during the first week of the following month.

The timesheet of a project manager or coordinator should be approved by her/his superior.

The decimal system is used to report periods others than full hours, e.g. for 5 hours 30 minutes please report 5.5.

Timesheet model

Download: Timesheets (updated 2015)
word(~31 KB)


Circular note on time sheets

Download: circular note on time sheets
word(~31 KB)



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