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Model financial statement

Model financial statement (Annex VI to the Model LIFE Grant Agreement)

Update 25/10/2017: Please note that individual and consolidated financial statements (FS) have been modified; For those projects that use the previous financial statement of the individual beneficiary it is useful to check the explanation in the headings and at the bottom of the new template since it may facilitate the completion of the document in the correct way. All projects should however, use the new template of the consolidated financial statement when submitting the final financial statement (or the interim financial statement in case of integrated projects).

Update 25/10/2017: the template has been made more user friendly (i.e. more explanation in the headings and at the bottom of the sheets which help to complete the sheets correctly, include possibility to add 10 rows at the time,…). A correction was done for the CAP building strand to take out the possibility to encode the 'overheads' which are not eligible, correction formula VAT calculation.


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Download: Consolidated Financial Statement for the coordinating beneficiaries - Update 25/10/2017: Please use this template as of now ! Main changes are related to the correction of the payment request for integrated projects, update of the 'instructions sheet' and the adding of the total cost (in additional to the eligible cost) in the cost summary sheet + the consolidated sheet (might in some cases be important for the calculation of the 2% rule).


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