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Recommended reading

Though not necessarily LIFE products, the following documents may be useful for LIFE beneficiaries' communication activities.

LIFE communication strategy

Short version

Download: LIFE communication strategy (short version)
pdffr(~170 KB)

Full text

Download: LIFE communication strategy (full text)
pdffr(~300 KB)

Successfully disseminating your project results

The Commission's DG for Research has produced a guide to effective communication of project results. The guide helps project coordinators develop a successful communication plan as part of a strategy to reinforce the impact of European Commission supported projects. The guide is primarily aimed at projects supported under the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development, but the principles outlined in the guide apply equally to LIFE projects.

Practical Guide to Communication on Structural Funds 2000-2006

The Commission's DG for Regional Policy has produced this publication to help regional and local authorities improve their information strategies. The guide contains examples of good information practices as well as useful advice on how to develop successful communication campaigns, e.g., how to organise a press conference, how to structure a website, how to contact the media, and how to publish an interactive newsletter.

Available in three languages - English, French and German - the guide was published in the spring of 2004, and can be downloaded from the Communication Campaigns page of the DG for Regional Policy website.

Visibility Guidelines

These guidelines have been drawn up to assist contractors and other implementing partners (local, regional or national authorities, NGOs and state-owned enterprises in fulfilling their contractual obligations to publicise projects which are funded, in whole or in part, with European Commission funds. They cover the written and visual identity of the European Union and are to be used in briefings, newsletters, press conferences, presentations and invitations connected with an EU funded programme, as well as signage and commemorative plaques to highlight EU funding of infrastructure.

Download: Visibility Guidelines
pdf(~1.02 MB)

Style Guide for Press Releases

These guidelines are intended to improve the way press releases are drafted by the European Commission spokespeople and services. The aim is to ensure that the Commission to get its message across to the press, and through them to the general public. The guidelines draw on the collective experience of DG Press and Communication and the editorial values of the media.

Download: Style Guide for Press Releases
pdf(~26 KB)

LIFE-Nature: Communicating with stakeholders and the general public - Best practices examples for Natura 2000

LIFE-NatureFor the past ten years, the European Commission’s LIFE-Nature fund has assisted the establishment of the Natura 2000 Network. This LIFE Focus report examines LIFE-Nature's wealth of experience of communicating with different stakeholder groups and the general public in order to gain acceptance and support for this important network.

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