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Resources: Communication factsheets

FactsheetsThese factsheets are intended to assist project promoters with their media products and communication activities in general.

More factsheets will be published in the coming months, so watch this space!

Obligatory communication activities


Website (LIFE +)
pdf( ~1 MB) 

Website (LIFE III)
pdf( ~1 MB)

Layman's report

Layman's report (LIFE +)
pdf( ~2.81 MB) 

Layman's report (LIFE III)
pdf( ~2.81 MB)

After-LIFE Communication Plan

After-LIFE Communication Plan (LIFE +)
pdf( ~425 KB)  

After-LIFE Communication Plan (LIFE III)
pdf( ~425KB)

After-LIFE Conservation Plan

After-LIFE Conservation Plan (LIFE +)
pdf( ~601 KB)  


On-site panels

On-site panels (LIFE +)
pdf( ~204 KB) 

On-site panels (LIFE III)
pdf( ~204 KB)

Recommended communication activities


Leaflets(LIFE +)
pdf( ~254 KB) 

Leaflets (LIFE III)
pdf( ~254 KB)


Newsletter(LIFE +)
pdf( ~485 KB) 

Newsletter (LIFE III)
pdf( ~485 KB)

Press release

Press release(LIFE +)
pdf( ~481 KB)  

Press release (LIFE III)
pdf( ~481 KB)

Using local radio and television

Using local radio and television (LIFE +)
pdf( ~636 KB)  

Using local radio and television (LIFE III)
pdf( ~636 KB)

Technical article

Technical article(LIFE +)
pdf( ~429 KB)  

Technical article (LIFE III)
pdf( ~429 KB)

Engaging at EU level

Engaging at EU level (LIFE +)
pdf( ~129 KB) 

Engaging at EU level (LIFE III)
pdf( ~129 KB)

The importance of good communication


Networking (LIFE +)
pdf( ~69 KB) 

Networking (LIFE III)
pdf( ~69 KB)


Posters (LIFE +)
pdf( ~1.41 MB)  

Posters (LIFE III)
pdf( ~1.41 MB)

Organising a seminar or conference

Organising a seminar or conference (LIFE +)
pdf( ~591 KB)  


Optional communication activities

Communication strategy

Communication strategy (LIFE +)
pdf( ~221 KB) 

Communication strategy (LIFE III)
pdf( ~221 KB)

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