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LIFE06 NAT/PL/000100

The project's objective to conserve and upgrade habitats for rare butterflies of wet, semi-natural meadows is beautifully demonstrated with this poster. View the poster


LIFE06 NAT/E/000209

Nice photos and the silhouette of some lynx make the poster of the project on sonservation and reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in Andalucia an eyecatcher. View the poster


LIFE06 NAT/PL/000105

Good practice aspects of this poster calendar of the BISON-LAND project include the large photograph of the target species that clearly conveyes the main message about the project topic. The calendar provides added value and encourages the poster to be displayed for 365 days continuously, thus maximising the communication tool’s potential. View the poster


LIFE00 ENV/F/000640

(picture: LIFE00 ENV/F/000640)

The large flower head is a simply designed yet striking image that catches your eye, which is then directed down toward the text via the plant stem. Thereby, the message of the SMILE LIFE project is conveyed in a simple way.


LIFE02 ENV/E/000253

(picture: LIFE02 ENV/E/000253)

The chef character draws your attention, your gaze alights on the bowl, then follows the drip of oil entering the funnel atop the bus, and finally you read the text. The path your eye travels on the poster of the Spanish Ecobus project is similar to the path recycled waste oil travels in the project itself.


LIFE00 ENV/NL/000809

(picture: LIFE00 ENV/NL/000809)

The poster developed by the LIFE project "Demonstration project PlusPunten Rotterdam" shows, and doesn't tell: it uses primarily visual elements to communicate.


LIFE00 NAT/E/007340

(picture: LIFE00 NAT/E/007340)

The "Black vulture conservation in Mallorca and in other ZEPAs in Spain" project produced a poster that keeps it simple by conveying its message in a clear and concise manner.


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