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LIFE03 NAT/IT/000151

(picture: LIFE03 NAT/IT/000151)

Salviamo l'Orso
"La voce del Parco" uses a consistent layout that is repeated in each issue of the newsletter. The user-friendly layout format features the project logo and so creates a distinctive, recognisable identity for the publication. The lead article is continued on a second page so that it does not take up the entire front page. View the newsletter


LIFE06 ENV/D/000477

(picture: LIFE06 ENV/D/000477)

The Parfum's newsletter opens with an ‘in this issue’ introduction box setting out the newsletter contents. Text boxes draw readers’ notice to information the editorial team emphasises via concise articles and the Life logo is displayed prominently throughout the document. View the newsletter


LIFE06 NAT/UK/000134

(picture: LIFE06 NAT/UK/000134)

Active Blanket Bog in Wales
With "Life matters" an interesting newsletter title has been chosen to attract readers’ attention and the non-complex, two page approach provides readers with a carefully edited mix of concise information. The lead article is devoted to the most recent news about project activities and photographs are accompanied by descriptive captions. View the newsletter


LIFE04 ENV/ES/000184

(picture: LIFE04 ENV/ES/000184)

Eco Rice
Eco Rice Newsletter – uses an unambiguous title that presents readers with an immediate connection to the project subject matter. The use of a column layout separates article content in the green boxes and uses the white space as an effective utility area for navigation data and logos. View the newsletter


LIFE06 NAT/E/000213

(picture: LIFE06 NAT/E/000213)

Canal de Castilla Special Protection Area
The Boletin Life Canal uses photographic images to good effect, highlighting the project target species and illustrating progress with project activities. Longer articles are broken up by a series of subheads which use a consistent typeface and this is different to the main text type face. View the newsletter


LIFE05 NAT/E/000073

(picture: LIFE05 NAT/E/000073)

The newsletter of the Life-Gerve project adopts a relatively sophisticated approach covering 12 pages of articles, editorial messages and news about the project. Issue numbers and dates are clearly displayed and the moderate use of colour helps maintain readers’ attention on the content. View the newsletter


LIFE06 NAT/IT/000026

Rapaci Del Gargano
This newsletter limits itself to a manageable, sustainable size and focuses on a number of concise articles, illustrated with interesting attractive graphics. The masthead’s vertical positioning generates impact on the front page, which also includes a box acknowledging the newsletter contributors. View the newsletter


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