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Layman's reports

This page contains examples of good layman’s reports submitted by LIFE projects.

LIFE07 INF/F/000185
EWWR - European Week of Waste Reduction

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~2.5 MB)

LIFE07 ENV/LV/000981

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~6.7 MB)

LIFE07 ENV/A/000003
CMA+ - PM10 reduction by the application of liquid Calcium-Magnesium Acetate (CMA) in the Austrian and Italian cities Klagenfurt, Bruneck and Lienz

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~1 MB)

LIFE06 NAT/IT/000060
LIFE FRIULI FENS - Conservation and restoration of calcareous fens in Friuli

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~2.41 MB)

LIFE06 NAT/H/000098
HUNSTEPPICOAKS - Conservation of Euro-siberian steppic woods and Pannonic sand steppes in "Nagykörösi pusztai tölgyesek" pSCI

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~6 MB)

LIFE03 NAT/SLO/000077
Establishing Long-Term Protection of Crex crex in Slovenia.

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~2.41 MB)

LIFE03 NAT/FIN/000034
Restoration of boreal forests and forest-covered mires (Finland).

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~3.59 MB)

LIFE03 ENV/UK/000615
Demonstration of a Recycling, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Modular Batch Heater (United Kingdom).

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~1.38 MB)

LIFE02 ENV/NL/000117
Membrane bioreactor WWTP Varsseveld (Netherlands).

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~1.00 MB)

LIFE02 NAT/SLO/008585
Ursus Slovenia: Conservation of large carnivores in Slovenia.

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~1.57 MB)

LIFE00 NAT/GR/007248
The Monk Seal: Conservation actions in two Greek Natura 2000 sites (Greece).

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~9.42 MB)

LIFE02 ENV/A/000282
Living River Liesing: Demonstrative Ecological Reconstruction of a Heavily Modified Waterbody in an Urban Environment (Austria).

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~4.97 MB)

LIFE02 ENV/B/000341
TBT CLEAN: Development of an integrated approach for the removal of tributyltin (TBT) from waterways and harbours: prevention, treatment and reuse of TBT contaminated sediments (Belgium).

Download: Layman's report
pdf (~2.68 MB)

LIFE02 ENV/S/000344
RESOLVE: Reduction of solvents in the European newspaper printing industry (Sweden).

Download: Layman's report
pdf (~396 KB)

LIFE00 ENV/NL/000810
The Visit Initiative: Tourism eco-labelling in Europe - moving the market towards sustainability (The Netherlands).

Download: Layman's report
pdf (~1.69 MB)

LIFE99 ENV/A/000394
SYLVIE: Systematic noise abatement in inner city residential areas (Austria).

Download: Layman's report
pdf (~2.8 MB)

LIFE99 ENV/D/000422
Sustainable construction centre: The setting-up of a competence centre for environment equitable building (Germany).

Download: Layman's report
pdf (~765 KB)

LIFE99 ENV/F/000489
EID: Control of nuisant mosquitoes in Mediterranean natural areas: A methodological proposal for the sustainable management of a "Ramsar" site in Languedoc-Roussillon (France).

Download: Layman's report
pdf (~3.88 MB)

LIFE99 ENV/IT/000078
Phyles: Pilot phytoremediation system for environmental clean-up of lead-polluted soils (Italy).

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~471 KB)

LIFE98 ENV/FIN/000574
Recycled-based system for organic waste and wastewater (Finland).

Download: Layman's report
pdf(~135 KB)

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