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LIFE05 ENV/GR/000245

LIFE 05ENV/GR/000245

''Environmental Education Manual-guide for students with a portable laboratory kit and an environmental board game"
The EnviFriendly project - which developed environment-friendly technologies in an integrated management plan for the Evrotas River watershed and coastal zone - created an Environmental Education Manual-Guide entitled `'Evrotas river, yesterday, today, tomorrow'', addressed to students of elementary and secondary education and teachers.

The manual included useful texts about the characteristics of the region, the advantages of the project’s environmentally friendly technologies, indicative good practices and activities, as well as applicable experiential actions. The latter included: a) work sheets familiarising students with environmental problems, such as floods, water scarcity and pollution of the local environment and its significances, b) a portable laboratory kit for in-situ physico-chemical measurements, c) special identification keys for local fauna, the flora, and d) an environmental board game for raising young people’s awareness on the local protection, maintenance and critical environmental issues, the good practices for rural development and finally the region’s sustainable management.

See the manual

LIFE05 TCY/RL/000138

LIFE05 TCY/RL/000138

Brochure: Eco attitudes
The Lebanese NGO Arcenciel, which successfully implemented a LIFE TCY project on the treatment of infectious medical waste (LIFE05 TCY/RL/000138), has published an environmental awareness brochure aimed at children. Entitled “Eco attitudes” and written in French, the colourful document explains that every act to protect our planet helps. It sets out the risks generated by medical waste and draws attention to biodiversity loss, energy saving and waste recycling. The brochure concludes with a glossary of environmental terminology and interesting web links.

Download the brochure (3MB)

LIFE03 ENV/F/000260

LIFE06 NAT/D/000003

Movies: Cycle de vie du papier recyclé
This set of five movies presents to children the making of and recycling cycle of paper. These movies, conceived in the scope of the LIFE PROMESSE project, make children conscious of the importance of a global action for the preservation of natural resources throught the example of the lifecycle of paper.

Solène, a young journalist, guides us throughout the movies. View:

(All movies are in french)

LIFE06 NAT/D/000003

LIFE06 NAT/D/000003

Movie: Das Abenteuer um die ecke
Discover the habitat of the Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) in the Natura 2000 site of the Rohrhardsberg in Germany. The documentary follows two children, Eleanora and Alena, in their discovery of the conservation actions undertaken by the LIFE project: "Rohrhardsberg, Upper Elz and Wilde Gutach"

View the movie (in German).


LIFE04 NAT/ES/000031

This comic explains the restoration measures undertaken by the Laida beach LIFE project to regenerate coastal dune ecosystems along the European Atlantic.

This comic is one of the project's many awareness raising activities.

View the comic (in English).



LIFE04 NAT/FR/000082

(picture: LIFE04 NAT/FR/000082)

Mission Galli game: Let’s save our headwaters
The LIFE project “Headwater streams and faunistic Heritage associated” has published an online game called "Mission Galli: Let’s save our headwaters".

The game was designed for children as a way of informing them about the importance of preserving water quality. Particular emphasis is placed on water preservation actions for headwaters and their associated habitats. After clicking on their age group, players can choose to play the complete game or just part of it. Four different options have been designed to inform players about different parts of the water system, including water springs, the headwater, rivers and water at home. Between them the four options include 25 successive games that use fun to enlighten and educate people about crayfish, water quality, food chains and even wastewater treatment.

Play the games (in French).


(picture: LIFE02 TCY/CRO/014)

Child’s story book about a little wolf
This beautifully illustrated book for Croatian children tells the story of a small wolf and the adventures it has while discovering its world. Developed by the LIFE TCY project CROWOLFCON, it explains the living conditions of wolfs and tackles the sometimes difficult relations with humans in a sensitive and child-friendly way.

View the book (in Croatian).  


LIFE03 NAT/SLO/000077

(picture: LIFE03 NAT/SLO/000077)

Colouring book "Corncrake and Friends"
The Slovenian project Establishing long-term protection of Crex Crex in Slovenia produced a colouring book for children as part of their community outreach activities.

The book intends to involve future generations in the conservation of local corncrake populations in Slovenian Natura 2000 sites. Corncrakes were used to symbolise important wildlife species and, via the book, the LIFE beneficiaries explain various conservation considerations that are necessary to help local corncrakes and their friends.  

View the book (in Slovenian).

LIFE00 NAT/FR/007277

(picture: LIFE00 NAT/FR/007277)

Game: Preservation and restoration of the Rhine's valley habitats
This children’s game works by answering various question sets about the Rhine valley, its habitats and local wildlife species that live there. Correct answers to questions allow players to free different species that inhabit the river catchment area.

Play the game  (in French).   

LIFE02 ENV/IT/000017

(picture: LIFE02 ENV/IT/000017)

Mister Tred: Game about recycling of electric and electronic equipment
Mister Tred is an online game dedicated to all those who would like to playfully learn more about environmental sustainability.

The game was one of the good ideas developed during the Italian LIFE project PIRR, managed by Tred Carpi - an agency dealing with the recovery and recycling of electric and electronic equipment. It has been designed for both senior and junior players who have to provide answers for environmental questions. Correct answers help the game’s main character, Mr Tred, to recover important electric or electronic equipment for recycling. In this way the game aims to promote the WEEE Directive principles to young users and owners of electric or electronic equipment.

Play the game (in Italian).

LIFE04 NAT/IT/000187

(picture: LIFE04 NAT/IT/000187)

Games: Conserving sea turtles in Italy
The LIFE TARTANET project developed several interactive games that use simple and intuitive techniques to provide children with knowledge about marine sea turtles. Different levels of difficulty are designed within the games which are based on a quasi real environment for sea turtles. Players are tasked to jump into the world of sea turtles and save the turtles from dangers by finding solutions for various challenges and situations.

Play the games (in Italian).

LIFE04 NAT/FR/000083

Kids Quizzes: Conserving the Rhône-Apron and its habitats
This French LIFE project produced three quizzes for children that were designed to raise kids’ awareness about the Rhône-Apron and its habitat. The first quiz involves answering seven different questions that help children to get to know the apron better. See the quiz (in French) by clicking within the section "L'apron - qui es-tu?" on "Jeu: L'aperon en 7 questions". The second quiz gets kids to count how many aprons are hiding on the ground! Play the quiz by clicking within the section "L'apron - que t'arrives t-il?" on "Jeu: Combien d'aprons?".  The third quiz is all about helping the apron find a safe way to its companion. Play the game by clicking within the section "Apron - comment t'aider?" on "Jeu: Guider l'apron".

LIFE06 NAT/PL/000105

The Adventures of George Bison
George the bison is the mascot of the Polish LIFE project European Bison conservation in the Bialowieza Forest. The project website has a dedicated Kids Corner which includes a George puzzle, colour pictures and cartoons about George, a ‘read more about him’ section and also a quiz to test kids’ knowledge about George the bison.

Visit the website for the puzzle, the colour pictures, for stories (in Polish) and for the quiz (in Polish).

LIFE06 NAT/IT/000026

Educational booklet: I am staying with the falcons
This book aims to ‘open the window of knowledge’ about falcons from the Gargano area of Italy and, by doing so, help young people care and respect for local nature. Detailed natural science information is provided for children covering topics related to the falcons’ habitat, threats and conservation actions underway to help the birds remain in Gargano.

See the educational booklet (in Italian).

LIFE05 NAT/IT/000026

Teaching booklet: Diary of a visit to the river
This teaching diary was developed by the Italian Fortore River LIFE project and includes various stories, quizzes, and drawing tasks. The content was designed to help young children become familiar with the Fortore river’s nature and history by discovering small ‘secrets of the life’ such as animals and plants.

See the diary (in Italian).

LIFE04 TCY/CRO/000030

Protecting small birds in Croatia
This on-line educational tool encourages children to help protect local bird species that live around the Croatian banks of the river Mura.  The tool provides instructions about how to welcome small singing birds next spring by building special nesting bird boxes for species such as Nuthatches, Tits, Flycatchers and Wagtails. See instructions (in English).

Designed by the LIFE TCY project Establishing institutional capacities for protection of river Mura landscape the bird box instructions are featured on a dedicated ‘Children’s Corner’ website section which also includes explanations about how to make pictures with leaves and seeds and how to build ornamental fishes (in English).

LIFE04 NAT/SI/000240

School timetable
An environmental school timetable has been produced by the LIFE project NATURA 2000 in Slovenia - management models and information system. The timetable is illustrated with drawings of birds, insects, flowers and animals that are intended to accompany children during every week of their school life.

Download the timetable (in Slovenian).

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