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A window on the Rhine

(picture: LIFE00 NAT/F/007277)

This month's "good communication" tool is a video of the project “Rhin Vivant”. Providing an excellent example of how video can be used to convey the essence of a LIFE project, it highlights some of the key features of successful video production.

Some particularly interesting aspects of the Rhin Vivant video include: the good balance achieved between visually exciting and visually instructive images; the orderly movement of the film, both chronologically and geographically; the balanced use of text and the interesting use of graphics to enhance the real life images; and crucially, the use of just enough detail to allow the viewer to understand the project be not to be overwhelmed with information.

View the video here.

For more information on the project see the project summary or visit the project website.

Preservation and restoration of the Rhine's valley habitats
LIFE00 NAT/F/007277

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