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Featured on-site panel

Preserving palm trees in Crete

(photo: LIFE04 NAT/GR/000104)

This month's "good communication" tool is an on-site panel produced by the Greek Network of plant microreserves in western Crete project (LIFE04 NAT/GR/000104). This highlights how such a notice board can be used to convey the essence of a specific LIFE project action, in this case, the conservation of the Phoenix palm groves in a plant microreserve.

Some particularly interesting aspects of this panel include:

  • Despite using only one illustration, the message is clearly conveyed as the panel is located at a main project site, with the target habitat directly visible behind the board.
  • The short description of the conservation status of and the threats to the Phoenix theophrasti helps to support the key message of the panel, which is the projects aim to protect the microreserve and contribute to its preservation. A bilingual (Greek/English) approach ensures that locals and tourists alike are well informed.
  • Logos of LIFE and Natura 2000 as well as those from the project beneficiary and partners are well displayed, meeting the contractual requirements.

To learn more about the successful production of a project panel, see the Good Examples section and read the Factsheet: On-site panels.

For more information on the plant mircoreserve project see the project summary or visit the project website.

A pilot network of plant micro-reserves in western Crete
LIFE04 NAT/GR/000104

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