CoastNet LIFE - Restoring the Baltic coastal habitat networks

LIFE17 NAT/FI/000544

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Contact details:

Contact person: Hanna-Leena Keskinen
Email: hanna-leena.keskinen@metsa.fi

Project description:


The conservation status of a number of coastal and archipelagic habitats in Finland and Estonia requires improvement. Of those listed in the EU's Habitats Directive, 23 in Finland and seven in Estonia are classed as unfavourable-bad or unfavourable-inadequate.


CoastNet LIFE aims to improve the conservation status of Natura 2000 sites along the Baltic coastal zone. To achieve this, it plans to carry out restoration work on four types of habitat: boreal Baltic islets and small, open habitats; mosaics of herb-rich, broad-leaved forests and semi-natural habitats; sun-lit habitats; as well as large coastal meadows and new forests on previously uncolonised land.

The project's work should help increase the populations of numerous species by giving them new areas to colonise. It will also help to combat the effects of habitat fragmentation and isolation, as well as boosting the populations' resilience to climate change. Several species covered by the Birds Directive will benefit from improvements to their nesting habitats and those on their migration routes.

Expected results:

  • Establishment of nature conservation areas (covering 80 ha) in south-west Finland;
  • Acquisition of 30 ha of land for nature conservation in south-west Finland;
  • Restoration of 725 ha of semi-natural habitats, with almost 70 km of fences built;
  • Over 110 ha of islets and small, open areas in the outer archipelago restored;
  • Restoration of habitat (50 ha) for the Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo), whose population is expected to grow threefold;
  • More than 280 ha of forest habitats restored;
  • Restoration of 140 ha of sun-lit habitats;
  • Over 300 occurrences of rugosa rose (Rosa rugosa) and other invasive alien species combated (17 sites, over 140 ha);
  • Completion of lagoon restoration (over 70 ha);
  • More than 3 ha of wetland created;
  • Restoration of over 180 ha of river habitat, and breeding of 7 200 freshwater pearl mussels (Margaritifera margaritifera); and
  • Completion of three permanent and one moveable nature trails, and construction of a bird watching tower (with 150 000 visitors to the sites).



Environmental issues addressed:


Habitats - Coastal


tourist facility‚  coastal area‚  wetland‚  restoration measure

Target EU Legislation

  • Nature protection and Biodiversity
  • Regulation 1143/2014 - Prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien ...
  • Directive 79/409 - Conservation of wild birds (02.04.1979)
  • Directive 92/43 - Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora- Habitats Directiv ...

Target species

 LANIIDAE Lanius collurio   Lanius collurio   Osmoderma eremita   Parnassius apollo   Parnassius mnemosyne   Sylvia nisoria   Tringa totanus     

Target Habitat types

  • 9020 - "Fennoscandian hemiboreal natural old broad-leaved deciduous forests (Quercus, Tilia, Acer, Fraxinus or Ulmus) rich in epiphytes"
  • 9050 - Fennoscandian herb-rich forests with Picea abies
  • 1230 - Vegetated sea cliffs of the Atlantic and Baltic Coasts
  • 1610 - "Baltic esker islands with sandy, rocky and shingle beach vegetation and sublittoral vegetation"
  • 1620 - Boreal Baltic islets and small islands
  • 1630 - Boreal Baltic coastal meadows

Natura 2000 sites

SCI FI0100005 Tammisaaren ja Hangon saariston ja Pohjanpitäjänlahden merensuojelualue
SCI FI0100006 Tulliniemen linnustonsuojelualue
SPA FI0200151 Preiviikinlahti (SPA)
SPA FI0200164 Saaristomeri
SCI FI1104600 Raahen saaristo
SCI FI0100002 Tapelsåsen-Lindöviken-Heimlax
SCI FI0100012 Karkali, Suuriniemi ja Mailan alueet
SCI FI0100014 Kalkkimäki ja Laukmäki
SCI FI0100021 Meiko-Lappträsk
SCI FI0100036 Lohjanjärven alueet
SCI FI0100044 Lemmenlaakson lehto
SCI FI0200046 Houtskärin lehdot
SCI FI0200047 Iniön saaret
SCI FI0200048 Lemulanrinne
SCI FI0200053 Hulaholmi - Kluuvi
SCI FI0200057 Ruissalon lehdot
SCI FI0200060 Rauvolanlahti
SCI FI0200064 Seilin saaristo
SCI FI0200065 Pakinaisten saaristo
SCI FI0200066 Untamala
SCI FI0200071 Keistiön fladat
SCI FI0200072 Uudenkaupungin saaristo
SCI FI0200073 Rauman saaristo
SCI FI0200080 Preiviikinlahti
SCI FI0200090 Saaristomeri
SCI FI0200111 Paraisten harjusaaret
SCI FI0800057 Södra Stadsfjärden-Söderfjärden-Öjen
SCI FI0800064 Lapuanjokisuisto-Bådaviken
SCI FI0800130 Merenkurkun saaristo
SCI FI0800132 Luodon saaristo
SCI FI0800133 Uudenkaarlepyyn saaristo
SCI FI0800134 Kristiinankaupungin saaristo
SCI FI0800135 Närpiön saaristo
SCI FI1300302 Perämeren saaret
SPA EE0010170 Paljassaare
SCI EE0010171 Kolga lahe
SCI EE0010173 Lahemaa
SCI EE0010188 Aegna saare
SCI FI0200172 Katanpää
SCI FI0200186 Uutiskuuva
SCI FI0200192 Vuorelanmäki
SCI FI0200193 Örö



Coordinator Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland
Type of organisation Park-Reserve authority
Description Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland (MHPWF) is a public authority responsible for nature conservation in Finland. It manages more than 7 million ha of state-owned land, and marine and freshwater areas, and is responsible for their habitats and species. These include protected areas, northern wilderness reserves, national hiking areas and state-owned public waters.
Partners Environmental Department of Tallinn, Estonia Environmental Department of Tallinn, Estonia City of Raahe, Finland City of Rauma, Finland City of Turku, Finland University of Turku, Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment for Southwest Finland, Finland Maailman Luonnon Säätiö - World Wide Fund For Nature, Suomen Rahasto sr., Finland


Project reference LIFE17 NAT/FI/000544
Duration 01-AUG-2018 to 31-MAR -2025
Total budget 8,681,176.00 €
EU contribution 5,208,706.00 €
Project location Põhja-Eesti(Estonia Eesti) Uusimaa(Finland Suomi) Varsinais-Suomi(Finland Suomi) Satakunta(Finland Suomi) Etelä-Pohjanmaa(Finland Suomi) Vaasan rannikkoseutu(Finland Suomi) Pohjois-Pohjanmaa(Finland Suomi) Baltic Sea Suomi (SF)(Finland Suomi)


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