LIFE-ALFIO - Alina Life Formulations in Open-Source Platform

LIFE17 ENV/LV/000318

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Contact details:

Contact person: Solvita Kostjukova
Tel: 37126742227
Email: solvita@alina-premium.com

Project description:


The presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biocides in paints is seen as an environmental problem worldwide, with harmful effects on the environment, biodiversity and human health. The EU has recognised that air quality can be improved by controlling the sources of VOC emissions, biocides and other substances. The Biocidal Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) 528/2012) requires manufacturers to replace toxic biocides with alternatives and has made rules on the use and labelling of toxic chemicals stricter.


LIFE-ALFIO will pilot the use of a non-toxic substitute for biocides found in paints and coatings. It will develop 16 biocide-free paint and coating formulas using an organoclay-based material developed by ALINA. These Ecolabel-compliant formulas will cut VOCs in the manufacturing process from 50 grams per litre to 10 grams per litre, in line with EU targets.

The project will set up a pilot line for organoclay production that can be scaled up to full industrial capacity (120 tonnes/year) as soon as the market requires. It will also develop an online platform for the paints and coating industry to share information about formulas, the transparency and traceability of paint and coating components in product value chains, and other relevant information that can help substitute toxic chemicals.

The EU Clean Air Programme and National Emission Ceiling Directive targets a 40% reduction in VOCs by 2030. Sustainable substitution will be a hot topic in the EU during the next decades - any changes in formulations and certification require significant investment in research and development by the paints and coatings industry. LIFE-ALFIO is making a direct and timely contribution to European initiatives for sustainable substitution of hazardous chemicals in an easy and self-sustaining way, less dependent on legislative incentive.

Expected results:

  • Sixteen new paint and coating formulas;
  • Prototype organoclay industrial production line with a capacity of 120 tonnes/year;
  • 10.4 tonnes of organoclay exhibit batch: 400 kg for 1 000 litre sample batches of each of the 16 formulas; 10 tonnes for 400 000 litres of paints and coatings (25 formula co-creation projects, online platform and research activities);
  • 3.5 tonnes of biocides substituted; and
  • VOCs reduced by 16.6 tonnes.



Environmental issues addressed:


Air & Noise - Air pollutants


consumer information‚  coating‚  air pollution‚  volatile organic compound‚  paint‚  ecolabel‚  resource conservation

Target EU Legislation

  • Air
  • COM (2013/0918) - A Clean Air Programme for Europe (18.12.2013)

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Alina
Type of organisation Large enterprise
Description ALINA LLC specialises in the development and production of mineral supplements. As part of Latvia's Smart Material and Technology Competence Centre, it is implementing the “smart materials, technologies and engineering systems” priority of the national smart specialisation strategy, with a particular focus on paints and coatings.
Partners University of Latvia, Latvia Riga Technical University, Latvia


Project reference LIFE17 ENV/LV/000318
Duration 01-JUL-2018 to 30-JUN -2021
Total budget 2,398,160.00 €
EU contribution 1,438,895.00 €
Project location Riga(Latvia Latvija)


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