LIFE GREEN GRAPES - LIFE GREEN GRAPES - New approaches for protection in a modern sustainable viticulture: from nursery to harvesting

LIFE16 ENV/IT/000566

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Contact details:

Contact person: Paolo STORCHI
Tel: 390575353021
Fax: 390575353490
Email: paolo.storchi@crea.gov.it

Project description:


Control of plant diseases is becoming more and more difficult because pathogens are acquiring resistance to the most used active ingredients in commercial fungicides. The latest generation of fungicides contains active ingredients that are pathogen-specific and therefore induce the evolution of resistant strains. To overcome this, an alternative and promising strategy is the stimulation of plants' natural metabolic resistance. Some products supplied to plants through their leaves have been found to increase plant resistance to diseases by a complex mechanism, often linked to regulation of gene expression. These products are both artificially synthesised and abstracted from biological plant and/or microbial material.


The main objective of LIFE GREEN GRAPES is to improve the anti-parasitic response of vineyards through the use of innovative natural products and to increase the biodiversity associated with vineyards. It aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of predictive crop protection models (such as decision support systems), coupled with agronomic techniques and foliar interventions on vine plants, based on the use of products to increase plant resistance and biocontrol agents.

The project will help reduce the amount of chemical fertilisers and pesticides used, in line with the Biocidal Product Regulation. It will thus contribute to the Roadmap for a Resource Efficient Europe and the Circular Economy Action Plan.

Expected results:

  • Development of three cycles of trials foreseen for the four different application protocols (nursery vines, fresh and dry table grapes, wine grapes) for integrated pest management strategies;
  • Testing/demonstration of the effectiveness/feasibility of these strategies in the specific vine production chain;
  • Diffusion of pesticide treatment alternatives to agrochemicals, increasing the conversion of farms to organic methods;
  • Reduction in the use of pesticides by 50% both in nursery vines and in vineyard management for wine/table grapes;
  • Optimisation of the timing and amount of plant disease treatments;
  • Ensure environmental impacts in eco-sustainable key increasing microbial diversity associated with vines/treated plants;
  • Improvement in the quantity/quality of the final products, protecting the health of end-users, in response to the market demand for food safety (25-40% increase of rooted cuttings, 25-40% reduction of products discarded because of mould/rot, 40-50% reduction in waste of table grapes, and achieving the best grape quality due to reduced chemical residues detectable in harvest analysis); and
  • Provision of guidelines on the introduction of innovative solutions for integrated pest management in line with EU directives.



Environmental issues addressed:


Environmental management - Eco-products design
Industry-Production - Chemicals


Agriculture‚  clean technology‚  chemical industry‚  resource conservation

Target EU Legislation

  • Waste
  • COM(2015)614 - "Closing the loop - An EU action plan for the Circular Economy" (02.12.2015)
  • Chemicals & Hazardous substances
  • Regulation 528/2012 - Making available on the market and use of biocidal products (Biocidal Produ ...

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Coordinator Consiglio per la Ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’EconomiaAgraria
Type of organisation Research institution
Description The Research Centre for Viticulture and Oenology - AREZZO (CREA VIC) is active in the field of viticulture. It researches vine varieties, cultivation and protection techniques, and the relationship between soil characteristics and the quality of grapes and wine. The centre has extensive experience in the implementation of projects/surveys related to the management of vineyards and the protection and enhancement of native vine varieties.
Partners Società Agricola F.lli Tagliente di Tagliente Giuseppe e C. società semplice, Italy Beringer Blass Italia srl – Soc. Agricola, Italy Consorzio VITITALIA, Italy Università degli Studi di Firenze - Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente, Italy Vivai F.lli Moroni società semplice agricola, Italy P.Ri.Ma.Forma. - Progettazione Ricerca e Management per la Formazione S.coop a rl, Italy Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus


Project reference LIFE16 ENV/IT/000566
Duration 01-JUL-2017 to 30-JUN -2021
Total budget 2,492,618.00 €
EU contribution 1,349,354.00 €
Project location Kypros / Kibris(Cyprus) Extra-Regio(Cyprus) Mediterr. Cyprus (CY)(Cyprus) Puglia(Italia)


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