LIFE Veneto ADAPT - Central VENETO Cities netWorking for ADAPTation to Climate Change in a multi-level regional perspective

LIFE16 CCA/IT/000090

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Contact details:

Contact person: Daniela Luise
Tel: 390498205021
Fax: 390498022492
Email: luised@comune.padova.it

Project description:


In recent years, the central area of the Veneto region has faced several climate-related events, such as flooding. The most serious flood took place between late October and early November 2010, when Veneto was hit by a violent wave of bad weather. The most affected areas were the provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Padova, cities characterised by a dense and diffuse urbanisation. The percentage of soil consumption reached 49% in 2015 in the municipality of Padova and 70% in the municipality of Venice. The identification of mitigation and adaptation strategies to tackle the effects of climate change, addressed through the framework of EU climate and policy legislation, therefore became a priority.


LIFE Veneto ADAPT aims to enhance regional capacity to respond to the impacts of climate change, with a focus on hydro-geological risk and by means of a multi-level governance approach. The project will develop a methodology for an effective integration of climate change-related adaptation policies at regional and local levels.

Main objectives are to:

  • Create a common knowledge base and an inventory of vulnerabilities and risks related to climate change;
  • Develop adaptation measures and integrate them in existing urban plans;
  • Mainstream and institutionalise the adaptation methodology by formulating regional guidelines for adaptation planning;
  • Promote and develop green infrastructures through an integrated ecosystem-based approach in the conurbation of the central Veneto region;
  • Increase the available volume of flood channels and of multi-use retention areas (ecological, free time and water parking), by building a layout of the ecological network among the main conservation areas of Central Veneto and the Venice metropolitan area; and
  • Facilitate the uptake of the LIFE Veneto ADAPT approach in other regions and cities across the EU.
  • The project therefore contributes to the implementation of EU climate policies, in particular the EU adaptation strategy by developing and implementing local adaptation strategies and action plans, subsequently enabling a better informed decision-making process on adaptation and mitigation by improving the knowledge base.

    Expected results:

  • A strategy document for adaptation to climate change, issued and delivered to regional, national and EU policy-makers;
  • A set of indicators for risks, vulnerability and resilience, defined and quantified for the Central Veneto Area;
  • Improved resilience to flooding in the project area, benefiting more than 1.7 million citizens and covering an area of 302 600 ha;
  • 43 climate adaptation plans including three for provincial capital cities, encompassing more than a million inhabitants;
  • More than 1 000 m of channel restored and renaturalised in the city of Vicenza, increasing the available flooding volume of these canals by 3 000 m3;
  • 130 m of the convertite channel, currently under pavement, elevated to the surface in the historic centre of Treviso city;
  • A detailed design of the restoration of the Fuin channel in the urban area of Treviso;
  • An integrated land management system with the inclusion of vulnerabilities, risks and adaptation measures, and an alarm system in the Medio Brenta;
  • Updated land/geographic information systems of the union of municipalities of the Middle Brenta and the Venice metropolitan area with the inclusion of vulnerabilities, risks and adaptation measures;
  • A masterplan for the restoration of the waterways in the Venice metropolitan area; and
  • Awareness-raising among the 3.5 million inhabitants of the central Veneto conurbation on climate change adaptation, vulnerabilities and measures.



Environmental issues addressed:


Climate change Adaptation - Resilient communities


flood‚  urban area‚  preventive measure‚  Covenant of Mayors

Target EU Legislation

  • Water
  • Directive 2007/60 - Assessment and management of flood risks (23.10.2007)
  • Nature protection and Biodiversity
  • COM(2013) 249 final “Communication from the Commission on Green Infrastructure (GI) - Enhancing E ...
  • Climate Change & Energy efficicency
  • COM(2013)216 - EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change (16.04.2013)

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator Comune di Padova
Type of organisation Local authority
Description The environmental department of the municipality of Padova focuses on the quality of the environment in urban landscapes and on actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The department’s main tool is an action plan for sustainable energy, which was adopted in 2010. The plan aims to reduce by 20% CO2 emissions by 2020 from 2005 levels through more than 30 actions. The municipality is also tackling local vulnerabilities (heat islands, heat waves and extreme events) by updating the municipal building code.
Partners Città Metropolitana di Venezia, Italy Municipality of Vicenza, Italy Comune di Treviso, Italy Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy SOGESCA srl, Italy Unione dei Comuni del Medio Brenta, Italy Associazione Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane, Italy


Project reference LIFE16 CCA/IT/000090
Duration 01-JUL-2017 to 31-MAR -2021
Total budget 2,933,134.00 €
EU contribution 1,478,586.00 €
Project location Veneto(Italia)


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Project description   Environmental issues   Beneficiaries   Administrative data   Read more   Print   PDF version