LIFE-ENPE - European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment

LIFE14 GIE/UK/000043

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Contact details:

Contact person:  Shaun Robinson
Tel: +44 2030252880
Email: shaun.robinson@environment-agency.gov.uk

Project description:


Interpol and the United Nations Environment Programme estimate the cost of international environmental crime to be $213 billion (c. €188 billion) per year. This problem affects the EU as it does other regions. High levels of environmental crime can be partly attributed to inefficient and ineffective prosecution and sanctioning. Wildlife crime is notoriously difficult to prosecute because the law in this area is complex and because criminal circles are small, highly organised, closed and hard to penetrate. Chemical pollution and waste crimes also adversely impact biodiversity and many EU rivers are falling short of Water Framework Directive targets. Additionally, large-scale pollution incidents are complex, requiring transnational cooperation to successfully prosecute.


LIFE-ENPE's objectives include to:

  • Build a self-sustaining network of environmental prosecutors;
  • Improve the sharing of information on environmental crime; and
  • Improve capacity and consistency for combating transnational waste, wildlife and chemical crimes.
  • LIFE-ENPE will help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public bodies charged with tackling environmental crime by building a network of prosecutors and judges to share information and develop best practice. It will foster a greater culture of transnational cooperation between prosecutors and judges.

    It will provide training to prosecutors and judges, supported by case studies and training packages on adjudicating, sanctioning and prosecuting environmental crime. ENPE working groups will focus on waste, wildlife and chemical crimes. Through the ENPE Sanctioning, Prosecuting and Judicial Practice working group, ENPE will also respond to the uneven and inadequate implementation of EU environmental legislation.

    Expected results:

  • Objective 1: Build a self-sustaining network of environmental prosecutors: a. Agencies responsible for prosecuting and adjudicating environmental crime in 39 targeted States will be identified/mapped; b. A Stakeholder Matrix will be provided outlining the roles and competences of target audience/stakeholders; c. The ENPE network will be established (minimum of 25 countries represented); and d. At least ten instances of transnational cooperation that lead to the successful prosecution of environmental crime;
  • Objective 2: Better information on environmental crime: e. A capitalisation and gap-filling report supplied to environmental prosecutors and judges throughout the Member States; f. Outputs from working groups will be supplied to judicial and prosecution agencies; g. Five annual conferences will be held to share information with Member States; and h. Website and common online resources developed;
  • Objective 3: Improve capacity and consistency for combating transnational waste, wildlife and chemical crimes: i. Four working groups will be established, each holding multiple workshops a year, and producing best practice and training materials; j. Training will be provided to prosecution or judicial agencies based on materials developed by the working groups; and k. At least 10 agencies will adopt elements of ENPE best practice in their environmental crime work.



Environmental issues addressed:


Information - Governance - Improved legislative compliance and enforcement
Information - Governance - Awareness raising - Information


information network‚  environmental law

Target EU Legislation

  • Others
  • Directive 2008/99 - Protection of the environment through criminal law (19.10.2008)

Natura 2000 sites

Not applicable



Coordinator Environment Agency
Type of organisation Regional authority
Description The Environment Agency is a non-departmental public body under the sponsorship of the UK Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It is the main environmental regulator for England. Its functions include action in relation to: environmental protection, climate change, flood defence, water resources, pollution, fisheries, conservation, enforcement of environmental law and prosecution of environmental crime.
Partners EUFJE(European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment / Forum des juges de l'Union européenne pour l'environnement), Belgium REMA(Riksenheten för Miljö- och Arbetsmiljömål vid Åklagarmyndigheten (The National Environmental Crimes Unit at the Swedish Prosecution Authority)), Sweden FP(Openbaar Ministerie, Functioneel Parket (The Office for Serious Fraud and Environmental Crime of the Dutch National Public Prosecutor’s Office)), Netherlands


Project reference LIFE14 GIE/UK/000043
Duration 16-JUL-2015 to 17-JUL -2020
Total budget 1,072,400.00 €
EU contribution 643,440.00 €
Project location Vlaams Gewest(België - Belgique) Région Wallonne(België - Belgique) Bruxelles-Brussel(België - Belgique) East(Ireland) South West (IRL)(Ireland) South East (IRL)(Ireland) North East(Ireland) Mid West(Ireland) Donegal(Ireland) Midlands(Ireland) West(Ireland) North West (IRL)(Ireland) Mid East(Ireland) Border(Ireland) Groningen(Nederland) Friesland(Nederland) Drenthe(Nederland) Overijssel(Nederland) Gelderland(Nederland) Flevoland(Nederland) Noord-Brabant(Nederland) Limburg(Nederland) Utrecht(Nederland) Noord-Holland(Nederland) Zuid-Holland(Nederland) Zeeland(Nederland) Stockholm(Sverige) Östra Mellansverige(Sverige) Småland med Öarna(Sverige) Sydsverige(Sverige) Västsverige(Sverige) Norra Mellansverige(Sverige) Mellersta Norrland(Sverige) Övre Norrland(Sverige) Baltic Sea Sverige (S)(Sverige) North(United Kingdom) Yorkshire and Humberside(United Kingdom) East Midlands(United Kingdom) East Anglia(United Kingdom) South East (UK)(United Kingdom) South West (UK)(United Kingdom) West Midlands(United Kingdom) North West (UK)(United Kingdom) Wales(United Kingdom) Scotland(United Kingdom) Northern Ireland(United Kingdom) Gibraltar(United Kingdom)


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