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LIFE13 ENV/IT/000225

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Contact details:

Contact person: Liliana Cori
Tel: 39064927121
Fax: 39064927123
Email: liliana.cori@ifc.cnr.it

Project description:


Reducing the burden of diseases associated with environmental health risks is a European priority. In 2004, during the fourth ministerial conference on environment and health, the Children’s Environmental and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) was drafted. This set regional priority goals for European countries to reduce and, where possible, eliminate children’s exposure to environmental health risks. The evaluation of the social and economic costs and benefits of action and inaction was among the main measures encouraged by the conference. The priority of protecting children from environmental pollution was also part of the Parma Declaration signed in 2010. These documents emphasise the importance of involving young people in decision-making processes; encouraging the creation of participative tools for the development of environment and health indicators; and implementing initiatives on the perception of risk, its assessment, management and communication.


The main objective of the LIFE GIOCONDA project is to provide local authorities with an innovative methodology that can effectively support policies on environment and health, by involving young people in decision-making processes. Data relating to air and noise pollution conditions will be collected in four project cities: Napoli, Taranto, Ravenna and Valdarno. This will be combined with data assessing the risk perception of teenagers, and their willingness-to-pay for local services related to environmental health issues, in order to develop and test an online platform to facilitate the application of environmental and health risk governance and policies. The platform will include a tool that allows decision makers to estimate costs and benefits of policies involving air pollution and/or noise exposure reductions that target young people’s health, and a tool that enables schools to measure the pupils’ perception of their surrounding environment.

Expected results:

  • Online platform with two distinct tools (to support knowledge-based and local environmental health policies);
  • Platform made available to decision makers and to a wide range of professional figures at both national and local levels, including local authorities, schools, civil society (e.g. environmental associations, medical associations, parents’ associations and youth councils);
  • Platform used by four partner municipalities and tested by at least two further municipalities;
  • Eight schools and their local administrations, plus about 650 students, the same number of parents, around 30 teachers, and at least 50 stakeholders including policy-makers involved in project activities; and
  • At least 2 000 stakeholders reached and informed about the project’s outcomes.



Environmental issues addressed:


Air & Noise - Air quality monitoring
Air & Noise - Noise pollution
Information - Governance - Awareness raising - Information
Information - Governance - Public and Stakeholders participation
Risk management - Human health protection


public health‚  decision making support‚  urban area‚  air pollution‚  local authority‚  social participation‚  information service

Natura 2000 sites

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Coordinator Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council
Type of organisation Research institution
Description The Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC), one of the institutes of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), specialises in biomedical research. Its epidemiology department has a branch that studies the health effects of industrial contaminated areas, such as waste landfills and incineration plants, and urban areas with high levels of air pollution. Two units specialise in health impact assessment, and in risk perception and risk communication campaigns.
Partners ComuneRA(Comune di Ravenna), Italy ARPAPuglia(ARPA PUGLIA), Italy SdSVald(Societa della Salute Valdarno Inferiore), Italy ARPA E-R(AGENZIA REGIONALE PER LA PREVENZIONE E L'AMBIENTE DELL'EMILIA ROMAGNA), Italy UNISOB(Suor Orsola Benincasa University), Italy


Project reference LIFE13 ENV/IT/000225
Duration 02-JUN-2014 to 30-NOV -2016
Total budget 1,391,641.00 €
EU contribution 687,612.00 €
Project location Emilia-Romagna(Italia) Toscana(Italia) Campania(Italia) Puglia(Italia)


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